Emirates Virtual | Hello Tomorrow | Goodies for all

Welcome to the Emirates Virtual Offical Thread

My fellow fliers, we are delighted to announce the new and improved Emirates Virtual! We are excited to have this VA up and running again! Our staff has been hard at work to bring you a brand new experience. So let’s begin with the important information about the VA!

Staff Team
We have a very capable staff team for all your needs, from training to general help, we can fulfill all your needs!

Upper Management

Chief Excutive Officer - @Connor
Co-Chief Operations Officers - @Captain_Millz & @Starley


Event Manager - @ADD28
Chief Pilot - @Rob_Shore
Flight Manager - Vacant
Design Manager - @KiwisFlying, @KaiM

If you wish to apply for a staff position apply with the link below!

We have a wide range of aircraft for you to use when you fly with us, so you can fly anywhere in the world and back again!


Passenger Fleet
Airbus A380-800
Boeing 777-300ER
Boeing 777-200LR
Freight Fleet
Boeing 777-200F

We have 144 routes for you to fly, so you can never get bored! We have set up a lovely little route map for you to view so I don’t have to list 144 routes!
Route Map

Below are our ranks, we have figured out everything to make sure that everyone has a fair and fun rise up the ranks!


Trainee - 0hrs - Cirrus
Second Officer - 1hr - 777-200F
First Officer - 50hrs - 777-200LR
Captain - 100hrs - 777-300ER
Senior Captain - 200hrs - A380-800

After a short test of discord, we have decided to switch to Slack, this is because it is recommended by the IFVARB, and can be eaiser to set up other than the discord. Please provide your emails apon approval

Like other VAs, we have no grade or age requirement, so anyone of any skill can join!

Our website has been designed by our lovely staff team! Here it is

Our application is on our website, however, you can skip all the boring scrolling, and apply using this link here

The real Emirates does have codeshare partnerships with other VAs, however, due to us just reopening and the old CEO not fully explaining out partnerships, all partnerships will be held off, if you are a CEO of a partnered VA, please contact me!
We also use google forms for our flight logging!

Well, that’s it! If you have any questions, do not hesitate to contact me, or anyone else in the staff team! See you in the skies!

We are IFVARB Approved!


We are not affiliated with the actual airline of Emirates, we are based on the simulator Infinte Flight, we generate no income, it’s just for fun.


A new VA? Welcome to the club and good luck :)

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Well not exactly new, it was around before, however I just gave it a spring cleaning! And thanks!

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Congrats on the revamped VA looking good

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Nice new look Connor

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I have applied for a position

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We have full staff positions!

Yes, we opened just over 3 hours ago, and we already have all our staff positions done! We may open our staff base to be wider in the near future, however we are full for now.

So please welcome

@Trevor_A as our Event Manager
@Jmacd20 as our Flight Manager
& @Rob_Shore as our Chief Pilot!

That means our staff application is closed for now, but we still have our applications for pilots open, with a couple newbies with us already!

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Due to some unforeseen circumstances, our flight manager @Jmacd20 has resigned, meaning we are reopening the flight manager position. Interested parties may apply using the staff application located in the staff section.

The link redirects me to another link for events Manager after filling out the first page.

Thanks for catching that quickly

Should be fixed now, sorry for the inconvenience

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Once again

We now have a full staff team! @rileymoyer has joined us as our Flight Manager! And we now offer Flight Bookings!

Flight Bookings are where you can boom a flight to be flown by a pilot under our name! SO book today under the Booking tab on our Website!

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Event Up!

Everyone Emirates VA has a new event open that is one to everyone today. We are flying from OMDB to EGLL on 20 May 2018.
Come Join Today
Link to Event

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We have a new partner

Yes thats right! We’re partnered with IFCI!
IFCI is people interviewing people that you choose for them, go check out their website and discourse here!
And don’t forget to sign up for Emirates Virtual Today

Before you ask, yes I own IFCI, no its not a VA, and someone else requested it, and I said yes so


I would like to join

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Use this link here! https://emiratesvirtualair.weebly.com/application.html

New Staff Position!

We have decided to add a new staff rank to our rapidly growing VA!

New Staff Position

  • Recruiter

If you wish to apply for recruiter, you may do so at this link:

There can be multiple recruiters so if you missed out last time to be a staff member at EKVA, now is your chance!


We already have one recruiter, there are 3 more spaces left.

EKVA Requirement Update
It is now highly recommended that all members joining have a gmail account, this is because we use google forms and google documents for our VA, and it is easier if you have a gmail account.

And a new logo from @MackenzieRodgers


Looking good EKVA! 😎✈️


Due to recent changes in the IFVARB, we are now reopening our Flight Manager Position.