Emirates Virtual | Closing down

Applications On Hold

EKV’s applications are going to be on hold for at most 24 hours while we update our application system, more will be announced once we have completed it. If you wish to apply, please contact this account with the following information;

Why we should accept you as a pilot?
What can you bring to the airline?
Anything else

Thanks for your cooperation!


New Application system!

Our applications are back open with a new system!

We at EKV have introduced a quiz that all people wishing to join EKV must fill out in order to complete the application.
The steps below will show you how to complete the application;

  1. Fill out the form on the website
  2. Fill out the quiz that is below the form on Weebly.
  3. If you haven’t heard back from us within 3 days, contact this account!

Our quiz requires a 60/100 score, along with a complete application to have a chance of being accepted. We hope to see you flying with us soon.


Check out our latest event with Qantas Virtual! Desert to Ocean: A Qantas Virtual and Emirates Virtual Joint Event @ OMDB - 010700ZSEP18


Application Statuses

Hello IFC! Our team has been delayed due to an internal incident, however we will be going though applications and getting to them now. Sorry for the delay


New Everything!

Hello IFC!

We have a bunch of new things to announce so lets get right too it!

  1. We have a new website. Yes we finally have an updated website with all the new staff members and just new everything, you can check it out here! https://ekvirtualairline.weebly.com/
  2. We have a new staff member, @MaksimFerguson is our latest and final staff member we’re adding for a while, he is our Flight Trainer, so anyone under Grade 2 will be trained by him, @Cjthew91 & @ryanpark0521EK7220
  3. We have a new slogan, instead of Hello Tomorrow, its not, Flying to the Future.

And thats all we have for you guys today, I hope these new items will help you decide to join us. See you in the skies!


We hope to see all of you joining soon


Another new thing coming is Flight Bookings, we tried and failed this when we first started up, but we are now restarting this. The Flight Booking website and infomation will come over the weekend!


Staff Resgination

Unfortunately our HR manager, @QantasAviator resigned today. So we are dissolving his position from a HR Manager into a Social Media Manager. If you wish to apply please contact us and we’ll ask you a few questions.


Flight Bookings

Announcement 2 of today, we now have a Flight Booking system! If you wish to fly somewhere exotic, use this form to book a flight. Please, when booking, to have a 3-day gap between the time of booking to the time of departure, as we need time to set a pilot up and get everything ready. Once you have booked, you will get a PM from this account regarding your booking to make sure we have all the information correct. Fly us today! Flight Booking Sheet


Staff Switch + 3 Month Anniversary

Our longtime COO, @Rob_Shore has decided to let his position due to family reasons. Rob has been with the VA since we opened, he has taken the PEM job, and @Jake_Seitz has been promoted to COO. Lets both congratulate Jake and wish Rob all the best.

On other news, we are almost 3 months old! We first opened on May 10th. We have struggled to gain 50+ pilots. However, we are stable. To celebrate this fantastic event, we will be offering all new pilots joining from the today to the 11th of May, the chance to fly any aircraft they wish! The application link is linked above. We hope you will join us and get access to the celebratory offer!


A little update, our first flight using our booking system is underway. Track this massive flight from YSSY - OMDB and back again here!

This route is being flown by our pilot @Amaar_Viqar!


I’m in first class as a passenger! What a flight! 20 out of 10 service!


We enjoy that you love the flight!

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Closing our doors

On the verge of our 3 month anniversary. Our Head Administration has decided to Close Emirates Virtual in 2 weeks. On the 10th of September, EKV will close its slack, thread and VA account. We thank everyone who’s ever worked/been a pilot with us.


We’re very sad to be closing EKV. But we decided it was for the best


Very sad to hear that… good luck with the other things :)


😭😭😭 i’m sorry that you are closing down i worked for the EKVA for a very short time


While I was a pilot for EKVA, it was amazing. I loved the atmosphere. Sad to see it close, best of luck with the future!


Closure Date Change

In 2 days Emirates Virtual turns 3 months old, and we have decided that on our 3 month anniversary, we will close the Virtual Airline.