Emirates VA now hiring pilots for the World tour

Emirates VA home to 500 members is now hiring pilots for the world tour.Incase you are interested please leave a reply and i will get you going.
These events will be held in different regions and dont require global flight.

We don’t have global flight yetπŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚

These events will be taking place in different regions across the globe and no need for Globalflights.Also since its opening in June we may get it by then.

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I can be a London pilot

What year are we talking about?

500 members? No VA has seen that number of pilots not even Qantas I think you may be telling a bit off a lie there.


How Do I join ?

I was about to say how is this going to be possible, but nice. Qantas Virtual was thinking about an event like this a month ago.

Hope it goes well!

Is there a link to Emirates VA? I might be interested for a job.

The event will kick off in June

Our facebook group has 500 members.Therefore please consider sources before commenting and accusing.


Thanks for your wishes

can i join

Yeah sure.Contact me here.

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Yes but there is a pilot for royal air and he is a thomas cook pilot

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