Emirates VA Needs A New CEO Are You Up For It - ROLE FILLED!

New Trail CEO - @Connor_Seymour
please congratulate him and show him a warm welcome!

We are looking for a new CEO. With the recent re-vamp of the VA and a whole new brand identity, we would like to have a new CEO. I am getting very busy will school, exams and life in general and to carry on the ready made airline, the staff has decided to acquire a new CEO. I will be retiring to Executive Chairman and will carry on my presents in the VA under a new organizer and leader. Are you up for the challenges and the opportunity. This is once in a lifetime: DONT MISS OUT.
PM @Harris_Carvel to apply!

Emirates VA has been going through a struggle for the last few months due to lack of activity and staff after the blackout in run u to the global release. However, we have finally solved all the issues and have made some major changes. With months of hard work and reorganization EKVA has created a new website, community and crew center. Come try our VAM system, interactive maps and user friendly operating system. Or join one of our Sectors. Our sectors are: commercial, cargo, executive or training academy.

Come fly with us at: https://emiratesaviation.wixsite.com/emiratesva
or look out for our new upcoming event this Thursday



Oh YES. The reason I am so on for this VA is that I love flying over the desert! 😍

Great to see you guys back but maybe we could get more information on the VA?

Such as what exactly?

I don’t think you need any more information. The website is extremely informative and so is the thread. Awesome work revamping the VA and I hope to see y’all again in the skies!


new updated post check it out


Did you get my pm? It doesn’t seem to go through.

Hi there. Have you found a CEO yet? Are you leaving?

I’m interested, pm me.

dude our VAs are partners s I cant consider your application

Will there be any changes? How is the VA doing at the moment?

VA is doing ok and the changes are that the CEO might change but the rest will remain the same for the upcoming months