Emirates VA Active or not?

I have searched but found nothing more recent than march of this year about this VA. It appears that there is a Facebook one but not an IFC one which I am aware of. If there is one please give me the link. If not would anyone be interested in starting this up with me as I have been CEO of a VA sand feel as though I am ready to start one up myself? Reply or PM me if your interested.


Good Luck. VA’s take alot of time and energy. I am the COO of one and it took us a solid 3 months to get started.

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We would plan to release in about January/February ready for global hopefully

Good Luck. It took that long for us to get 10 pilots.

Were you on my stream yesterday?

Who? me or @Matt_Elphick


Excuse me, but I am the Emirates CEO. I’m currently making a website. I’ve reserved under Maintenence, so I have no idea what everyone is talking about.

There is no Facebook page or anything that I am aware of.

@Emirates_Life don’t you have to be TL2 (member) to create a VA? You are currently a basic user. Or is that just the VA category? I can’t remember.

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No idea. I’ve asked and I don’t know. But I now owe Emirates - I am now your problem.

Oh I think you mean to create a topic in VA category I have to be TL(2)

You have to be TL2 to post in VA topic and therefore TL2 to start a VA. Also you don’t own Emirates…

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If I need to be TL2 to post in a VA topic, how come I have?

No, you can post a comment in the VA section, however by not being TL2 you cannot create a VA topic. Technically speaking, since you are not, you can’t create one. (Yet)

And as a reminder, on the guidlines for the VA category it says: Arguments over the ownership of a VA will not be tolerated. Bear this is mind.


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