Emirates Unveils new 777 Interiors

Hey guys Emirates just announced their new 777 cabin interiors. The new first class cabins are fully enclosed and the middle seats even have fake windows you can also sit in a zero gravity seat position, and can control the heating and the colour of the lights inside your suite. The colour palette in Business and Economy changed a lot take a look for yourselves.




Some Images:




I think this new interiors are excellent and gorgeous. What about you guys? Do you see it as a game-changer?


I wish they could get rid of their Business Class configuration as 2-3-2 doesn’t sound pleasing for premium travellers despite more sleeker seats


Yeah, 2-3-2 looks quite crowded especially for a business class cabin.


That economy though. Seems like a decent change.

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So Cool! Hopefully I can fly it soon!

You can fly in this new interiors from December! They will be available in routes to Brussels and Geneva (BRU, GVA).

This just takes the cake imo. So beautiful!

There is a lot more info and pictures in this article.
Source: http://m.gulfnews.com/business/aviation/exclusive-look-at-new-emirates-first-class-cabin-1.2122758


This has to be the best interior design for any commercial 777. WOW!


The new interior and the new F looks stunning and awesome. If I can be honest, it’s on par with recently launched Singapore Airlines’ new First on A380-800. But unfortunately the Business looks very uncomfortable especially for passengers seating on the middle seat as they have lack of space to leave/enter the cabin unfortunately. The cushion on Economy makes the seat looks more comfortable than it should be imo ❤✈


Oh my god I’m in love

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Time to apply for skywards.😜

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Definitely Singapore has a better first class product on their new A380’s however I am pretty sure it charges alot more and it’s competitor is Etihad’s Residence. EK’s new first class will be more economical and dominate in the 777’s first class. However with business class Qatar’s QSUITES are far superior imo with 4 across rather then 7 across and a much higher sense of privacy.

Do you think they’ve gone 2-3-2 in business because of the first class cabins reducing the number of passengers significantly?

Looks great, not sure how I feel about the weird and extremely random sky/electric blue in economy though.

My opinions on all of this,

First Class - I love it, no denying that. But lets think of the A380 here too, this beats there A380 hard product, not including the Shower. I do think this should have actually been released on their 380’s, then 777’s. Or EK should create something new for their A380’s. Right now, this is the best 777 first class, but i don’t think it is on par with the SIA’s new First, but definitely one slot below it. Lets hope they do something new for the A380, and their 380 First could do with some updating. Or they could just use this seat with the 380’s too.

Business Class - Loots great! one of the best looks out there, looks much better than the 380 business, but the actual seats on the 380 are better. Although the actual seat could be better, id say that reverse herringbone seats would be better, (like the ones on Cathay Pacific). Again, if they can make the 380 cabin like this, it would be one of the best in the world.

Economy - One of the best in the industry, but the A380 is better, still. Although the looks on the 777 look better. The seats are practically the same, except for some aesthetics. But i would rather fly on the A380 in economy, still. The seats width in much bigger, and you can feel it, especially when you’ve just flown the A380, now you have to hop onto the 777.

Long story short, I think the A380 could do with some updating too, but the hard product is amazing for First on the 777, and i do see it as a game changer. Although, i would still rather fly on the A380, as i find it more comfortable. But i wouldn’t mind flying on the 777, i would prefer it to the A380 in First.

Hate me for saying this, but i think i would fly Air France’s First over EK’s.

Will this be on their 777x? Lovely cabin.

Time to get my ticket booked for first class😂😂💵💵💵💵💵💰💰

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It’s quite amazing what Air,ones are doing with cabins now. Your own little home in the sky.

Really nice cabins for a 777- very spacious- I’m interested to see if that amount of space will benefit the airline

You think 2-3-2 is a lot? British Airways business class is a 2-4-2, where you are literally stepping over people to get to the aisle! I am lucky enough to fly myself now.


That is absolutely beautiful 😍