Emirates Training Academy Cirrus SR-22

Credits: Emirates.com via Google Images

About this Livery:

  • This aircraft is currently operated by the Emirates and their Training Academy.
  • It has up to 20 or more Cirrus SR’s being used today.
  • They are used for any Flight training session for the fellow Pilot students.
  • These are one of Emirates newest aircraft currently in their fleet, behind their ordered A350’s…
  • The Emirates Flight Training Academy hub is located in Dubai South, Dubai World Central (DWC).

More about the Emirates Flight Training Academy:

“The UAE has always been at the forefront in promoting innovation and education. Following in this great nation’s footsteps, EFTA is one of the most comprehensive and innovative flight training academies in the world. The Academy has been developed by Emirates airline, ranked as the world’s most valued airline brand, as well as one of the best and safest carriers, by a number of industry surveys.”

Why I would like this livery for Infinite Flight:
In my opinion this is one of the most beautiful liveries for our Cirrus SR 22 aircraft in Infinite Flight. It looks awesome in the Middle East, performing touch and goes in the Arabian airspace. It gives great advantage for Emirates Virtual or any event related to Emirates in UAE. 🇦🇪

The previous topic was closed. I would appreciate any good replies or comments about this livery. If you’d like to see this livery in Infinite Flight, make your vote above!

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Awesome livery, but why does it have an American registration?

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I have pretty much no idea, to be honest.

Side note, their training program looks really impressive. Which is expected since it’s Emirates.

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It does indeed, expensive too

This livery would look really well near the Dubai airspace’s, on events or group flights. I’d imagine how funny and unusual they look next to the A380. Here’s a little trailer. 😉

Interesting, it has a US registration…

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Even more interesting. The last flight was from Venice to Padua… In Italy…

I think that they’ve either sold it or they have an academy in Italy :)

Data from FlightRadar24: Live Flight Tracker - FlightAware

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image think they have sold it :(

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I think the American reg has something to do with an agreement that cirrus got so that it can deliver the aircraft by flight rather than on a container ship in the middle of nowhere.

I think it would be a great addition to their fleet in Infinite Flight! And it is a really good aircraft for training in reality and in a simulator :)

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I could just see someone flying this from KLAX to OMDB😂

Just imagine. 🤣

Yeah sure. Why not?

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Been looking for this so I could vote lol. I love love LOVE this XD

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