Emirates To Operate “Historic” Flight Promoting Multiculturalism

Okay, this seems pretty cool.

On November 29, 2019, Emirates will operate a one-off flight around the UAE to celebrate multiculturalism.

  • This was announced on the International Day Of Tolerance (November 16)
  • An A380 will feature a livery with #YearOfTolerance.
  • Emirates plans to have the most diverse flight meaning they want to allow as many different nationalities on the flight.
  • Flight number will be EK#2019.
  • The UAE is home to 200 nationalities.

This is an amazing flight promoting multiculturalism and diversity, can’t wait to see the livery in the sky!

You can sign up for a chance to be chosen for the flight with the link at the bottom of the press release, though I don’t think it asks for an age


Well that’s interesting…

Looks cool! I used to live in Dubai 😅

Jeezzz…thats like every nationality in the world…pretty much.

This is really interesting.

Which airframe will be used or will they use one that’s being delivered

Nice to see Emirates is doing this, to promote something good!

This is a good idea, promoting something good.

But… There is only 195 countries in the world, so if there are 200 in the UAE, that makes no sense. Maybe you meant 20 nationalities? Because if there were 195 countries, that would only be 195 nationalities. I know the difference between country and nationality, but I’m confused. Confused Screaming.

There is no “set” number of countries. Based on UN recognition, one could say there are any number of countries ranging from 180-220. 195 is generally used as a benchmark in the United States, as that is the number of countries actively recognized by the U.S. with including some controversial ones like Kosovo, and not including others, like Palestine.

Without making this topic politically charged, I find it slightly ironic that Emirates is doing this, given the current climate of workers in the country.

Well some countries contain many different ethnic groups and maybe that’s where 200 comes from.

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Oh, I never thought of that, thanks.

Here’s some images by Emirates of the flight:


Will they fly to Israel? That’s the ultimate test of tolerance for them in the Middle East

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