Emirates To Most Likely Relaunch Supersonic Concorde Service by 2022!

I just woke up. And this is what I hear? This is a dream come true!

As an effort to remain the world’s best airline, Emirates decides to go all in on what they got.

Today in April 1st, 2020, at 6:37pm Gulf Standard time, Emirates announced that they will be relaunching the famous supersonic jet, Concorde, into service in 2022. Just 2 years from now.

Emirates have purchased 2 former Air France Concorde’s, registered as F-WTSB and F-BVFB. They will be the first 2 to be transported to Dubai, as engineers will work on the Concorde day and night to restore them to an airworthy condition. Eventually, Emirates will also bring the 2 former British Airways Concorde’s, bearing the letters G-BOAB and G-BOAC to Dubai. They will arrive in Dubai in the first few months of next year.

At the moment, Emirates has planned 4 routes in which the Concorde would be able to fly to. These 4 routes are:

Dubai - London Heathrow
Dubai - John F. Kennedy
Dubai - Singapore-Changi
Dubai - Delhi

Of course, there is still a ways to go in efforts to relaunch the Concorde. Right now, the world is suffering from a pandemic known as COVID-19 (Coronavirus) which has affected, if not, all airlines around the world. If Emirates can hold long enough into the current crisis, then the plan to relaunch Concorde should go as planned.

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Happy April evrybody! I hope that yall are staying safe in your home! : )


Darn it, I forgot what the date was and got super weirded out…


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I‘ve spotted this one in Munich yesterday !




Dang you. I got my hopes up for nothing. I do wish the concord comes back though I love that bird.

It’s a shame for the city where F-WTSB was parked at. But hey, I guess Emirates got nothing Toulouse.

One of the better topics of today though, I have to admit.