Emirates to Honolulu

Hello! Overnight, I flew from Dubai to Honolulu with @RafaelPadilla and @Tommy. I flew with the Emirates Boeing 777-21H (LR.) My flight time was 14 hours and 38 minutes and I enjoyed it! This flight was flown on the Expert server.

Here are the pictures!

Photo number 1: A trio of Emirates 777-21H (LR) aircraft preparing for the 14 and a half hour flight to Hawaii, at around 5 A.M. local time.

Photo 2: @Tommy is starting his takeoff roll, as I hold short of runway 12R.

Photo 3: Lifting off of 12R at Dubai, the next time the wheels of this 777 touch the ground will be in Tropical Hawaii!

Pictures 4/5: This is the Himalayas/Hindu Kush ranges in Northern Pakistan, while nearing the Chinese border.

Photo 6: Banking South of Beijing, you can see both Beijing airports in this frame. This was approximately the halfway point of the flight.

Photo 7: Just west of Tokyo, Mount Fuji Stands out above the rest of the Japanese mountains.

Photo number 8: Taxiing to parking, while @Ecoops123 lands from Nadi.

Photo 9: A close call with @Beljany as he lifts off for Maui.

Photo 10: Me and @RafaelPadilla at the gate, after completing the flight.

I do hope you enjoyed looking at the photos and I enjoyed this flight! Thanks and enjoy the rest of your day/night!


Well hello 👀

I see so many members, but never take notice of giving them a wave, I just say in my head “Oh look it’s #*$$$^” and don’t do anything.

My landing was pretty hard weirdly, and my touchdown zone was perfecto! I had to use full rudder to avoid sliding off the runway, I’ve done this quite a lot recently and isn’t nice when you have the whole server watching you. 😰.

I would say I’d make a compilation for that, but it’s almost 4am, I’m in the middle of a 16 hour flight (in game) and I need to wake up in 3 hours, I’ve been preparing for my GCSE :(


Nice pics :) What was your cruise altitude in the 4th pic? You look very close to the mountains xD


Ohhh those mountain pictures are just 👌🏼

Glad you had a good flight, that’s a long one! Great photos!

Also I would turn up the brightness just a bit on those night photos, they’re a bit tough to see. But that’s just me

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😎glad i was apart of it 😄 thanks @Luke_Sta

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I was at 31,000 feet, so pretty close to the mountains lol


I really enjoyed the flight!! All the pics are perfect.
Thanks @Luke_Sta


Thank you both for flying with me! It’s always nice to have a friend to fly with.


Nice pictures!! Though try to improve the lighting a bit in the first few pictures.

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Those are some great photos of the mountains there, great job!

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Thanks for the feedback everyone! The night shots were intentional, by the way.

Nice Job!
What was your cruising speed?


Mach .83 for the entire flight. Thanks for the compliment!

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Haha I made the same but reverse ! :D

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Nice shots. Fun fact: Emirates(though Sky Cargo) flies to HNL as part of a DWC-BRU-ORD-HNL-SYD-HKG-DWC routing ;)


Hey, great pictures, I see a common trend in people liking pics with planes in action such as landing, turning etc, with shots like yours I reckon with the right lighting you’ll catch some pretty awesome pics

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