Emirates to choose between Airbus A350-900 and 787-10 early 2016

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What do we think they will get? I think they’ll get the 787-10.

  • Boeing 787-10
  • Airbus A350-900

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I think the B787-10 is not enough for them. I still see a split order coming though.

If Boeing continued to remain stubborn instead of taking advice to fit the needs of the customer the order is giing to Airbus. Although Emirates already cancelled their A350 orders, you can’r have an underpowerred plane taking off from DXB. Airbus seems to be willing to change the plane to fit the customer best.


I wish they will choose A350.

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I hope they get the a350, but I (unfortunately) think they may choose the 787.


Since Emirates seemed to like the a380 and B777, I’d imagine they order a larger capacity aircraft.

I would really like the 787-10, but again I like the A350. Why can’t they order both, half and half!

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It’s cheaper to maintain a fleet with less variety. That said, it hasn’t stopped some airlines from buying a variety but it’s always something to take into consideration.

They both look like amazing planes, I think the 787-10 in particular has a solid future.

I think on ability, the A350 would have to be a better choice. Better hot and high performance, and better payload / range at the extreme edges. But of course $ talks and Boeing will have a spring in their step after Emirates ordered their batch of 777-8X and 777-9X previously.

It’s going to get interesting…


Emirates is probably buying a lot of them, so it’s up to the airplane manufacturers. Who comes with the best deal.

It’s not just the $. Even if Boeing undercuts Airbus, then Emirates could buy a pile of 787s, but there are going to be many delays and/or cancellations because the planes couldn’t clget off the ground with the given runway length. Dubai is a very hot place, heat makes engines less effective, thus the current 787-10 can’t do a consistent job. However, the economics of the 787-10 are very promising and the plane is otherwise a great choice. The A350 on the other hand is overpowered and too much of a plane for Emirates. The range/power of the plane is too much for the new domestic to medium range routes Airbus wants them for. Also, they already cancelled a sizeable A350 order. However, the plane has promise because:

  1. Airbus had once studied an A350 Regional and they possibly could bring that project back up (They did the same with the A350-900ULR). Emirates will need lots so Airbus will have guaranteed good sales of the plane.
  2. Could come with some incentive to construct some A380neos.

So long story short, it’s not as simple as how much it costs.


Of course they will go with the a350 or else none. Imagine 787 in Emirates livery lol!

I think they’ll but the a350, I do like the 787-10 but if Boring doesn’t do something they are going to lose a large chance of a boost of orders that they need atm

If they already ordered an a350 (but cancelled it) they wouldn’t go for a 787, they just wanna study how the a350 performs in hot conditions, Airbus said the a350 performs Excellent for Qatar so it can also do same for Emirates because they’re both located in hot environments.

Emirates just don’t wanna order an Airbus because we are not ready to make A380neo for them and we are never gonna make it unless we get some huge orders from major Airlines but as of now Emirates, Turkish and Virgin Atlantic are all interested in the A380neo.

Definitely the a350

Emirate’s main competitors, Qatar and Etihad, have (or will have) both the A350 and the 787. Why can’t Emirates order both?

9 months!

Talk about necroposting


Too poor maybe?

Emirates Is An All Boeing Airline, so i would presume they would pick the 787-10

Please EK make me happy and purchase the 787-10!

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