Emirates Temporarely closing | Flight School Stays Open | Join Now!

Why We Are Closing
As many virtual airlines will know; there has been a drop in activity due to summer exams. At emirates VA we have made a decision to give people that time to revise whilst we develop. The VA will re - open once global is released. As for the event series: it will continue following the re - opening of the VA. We have many new plans fro when we get back, so don’t forget about us and stay tuned for new information.

Flight School
To prevent inactivity of our staff members who are enthusiastic about flying, we have decided that our Training Academy will remain open. Improvements have been made and the official declaration of the flight school opening is being announced now. So to all level of pilots that want to improve, come join our free and fun flight training program.


Nice idea Ill keep a look out for these events

Where you given permission to make this post sir?


What do you mean? I don’t see why you would ask if you got permission to make the post…


The reason I ask is because all VA’s are meant to keep to their own threads unless given permission by IFVARB. This keeps the VA section from getting cluttered from lots of posts from the same VA’s. ;)

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actually I posted accidentally but I have permission

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Ok great, just checking and I also like the idea!

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Funny thing is lots of airlines don’t stay in one thread and I had to really push for another thread because my original one is so crammed

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Also… Before seeing that it was VA… I thought it was a real world post about Emirates big announcement…

PLEASE change the title to “Emirates VA Big Announcement!”

Your Welcome; Im just a ordinary demi-guy!


Whilst we appreciate the help, please can you leave moderating the VA category to either the IFVARB/Mods. Reason being in this case you are wrong, VAs are allowed to make another thread for large announcements/when approved by the IFVARB. Having multiple people with different interpretation of the rules only makes problems for everybody.

Of course you can support us by using the flag system; that is the best way to avoid confrontation and making threads a mess.


There is no need for that as it is on the VA page

Does everyone want to comment on the rules and the title or is someone going to comment on the announcement


I announced the first date of the event

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Cant wait for the event!!

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Everyone please be sure to check out the flight school that we worked hard on

sorry to all those who sign up prior to now as there was an issue with my Gmail. Please can all applicants sign up again.

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