Emirates takes delivery of their 100th Airbus A380

Emirates recently took delivery of their 100th A380, I couldn’t find another topic.

They will also Shift to Dubai World Central by 2020

I feel it like a good thing for Emirates as they are now having 100 of A380 and even 42 more in order, I hope that they order more to keep the only remaining Twin-Deck(747-8i has no more orders) in Production

Images frim the Live Stream -


This is amazing! Do you know if they are ordering the A380plus?


By the looks of it no one is ordering that. Emirates was the only one I found inquiring it but they decided that it isn’t working so they’re going for 200 or something 777-x


Wow. I’m glad this is a live stream.
Thx for making

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They are close to announcing a new a380 order, which will keep the production line going for another decade.

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Thats cool thanks for the news

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