Emirates suspends operations

Today Emirates have just announced that it’s suspending its commercial operations until further notice. They have said their sky cargo will operate normally to provide cargo service with this on going covid-19 pandemic. To deliver freight to country’s that are needing important medical supplies.


Wow! Was not expecting that!


I’m honestly dumbfounded by this, holy smokes.


For sure unexpected. Wow! Just wow!

One of the biggest operators in the world. Haunted.

This is manic.

It’s a crazy time all right 😞

EVERY flight ?

Yup from Wednesday

Wow… Sad… 😕

Fourth biggest I think? Behind the US3.

Cargo will continue. Passenger flights won’t, so this is pretty huge.

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Not surprised only a matter of time considering their entire fleet is wide body aircraft 100+ being A388’s, only a matter of time, as they said. With the lowest demand and everything, they can barely fill 1/5th. Just me guessing don’t quote me


Smart move imo. Way better than flying A380s or 777s with just double digit pax numbers.

jeez this hit harder than a baseball in a catcher’s mitt (I know how hard it hits because I played catcher)

I have friends living in Dubai they are saying their are A380s flying low being moved to other airports for parking.

You might have seen this coming from other big airliners suspending their operations

I was not expecting this but I got the news from @GlobalFlyer1 wow, it’s sad.

UPDATE: Emirates has changed its mind and will continue passenger flights!


Didn’t see that coming

Ok then… Emirates is having a hard choice.

Oh boy oh boy oh boy… this wasn’t to happen.