Emirates Suspending Flights | Australia East Coast | Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Emirates Suspending Flights | Australia East Coast | Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane

Emirates has announced that they are going to suspend operations to the Australian East Coast cities of Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane.

The last flight operations to these cities for the foreseeable future will be on Saturday, Monday and Tuesday.

Emirates has claimed that the reason for this decision is due to “operational reasons”.

Read the article below for more in-depth details:

I’m interested to know what everyone’s thoughts on this are and what the “operational reasons” may be…

I personally believe it could be due to the new government regulations that all passengers arriving into Australia must receive a negative COVID-19 test prior to departure.

I believe this may deter people from flying and therefore further limiting the passenger loads on these flights.

The good news though is that it is only for the foreseeable future and I believe that once air travel and the demand returns, Emirates will once again operate to these cities.

What are your thoughts on this and why do you believe Emirates have made this decision?


From what I’ve read, those “operational reasons” are, just to name a few, international flight crew quarantining rules - 14 days hotel quarantine, much like everyone else. As well as the lowering of international passenger caps by half - which is now less than 3000 people per week, with no more than 17 people per flight.

It’s worth noting that Emirates will still fly to Perth, Western Australia, as they aren’t subject to the same rules as Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane.

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They realized that flying to an upside-down country is stupid.

Just kidding! Great topic, Declan. I’m not too sure what to think. My guess is it has to do with COVID-19.

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I’m surprised mostly about Melbourne as that was a pretty major destination for Emirates. But it’s for the best of the crew members.

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Disappointing for many but it’s the price to pay for a COVID free country. We’ve gone two days with no COVID we need to get it up so we can continue economic growth and the freedom of no/very lax restrictions you get with no COVID.

Darn. This stinks.

Awesome thread Declan!

These are very true points, and most likely play a large factor in this decision from Emirates.

Who would want to go there? As Dan Andrews said himself, the best experiences in our nation are right here in Victoria… JK.

Maybe they couldn’t be bothered putting in the time and effort to train pilots to land 777’s and A380’s upside down.

Yeah, it’s going to be a shame not seeing Emirates aircraft at Melbourne for a while. I’m sure they’ll return at some point in the future.

That is something you’ll never know… 👀

I agree. However, it makes it a lot more difficult for an Australian citizens or permenent residents that are stranded in Dubai to get home now, unless they go to Perth and then to the East Coast of Australia.

It certainly does. Glad you like the thread!


I think that your event should be suspended.

Just Kidding. Maybe the goberment has new restrictions then

They probably thought it was best not come their cause of new covid variants due how contagious they are. Personally think for the best for now until it’s safe to travel. Also miss how Auckland use to have 3 A380s from each of the destinations, those times were awesome and sadly I never got to fly on them on those particular routes but hopefully might get to try out in Australia once pandemic is over.

It’s Emirates that are suspending flights, not Qantas… 😂

Yeah, it certainly is for the best and yes that is correct. There has been a few cases of the new variants that are more contagious.

Fingers crossed that you get the opportunity in the future. You’ll love it!

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Well, If Qantas doesn’t suspend it’s flights too your event should be good ;)


Hope they will operate back 🙏

Qatar Airways has no chill. Always looking for an opportunity to call out Emirates.





Well its runned by Akbar Al Baker (Furious and Angry CEO), not surprising move and pretty much sums it up Qatar for ya.

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That was fast

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Now I’m even more confused… what was the pointing in suspending them in the first place. Haha!

Yeah, Emirates is pretty weird.

Back in March last year, they announced a complete suspension of flights, only to reverse it three hours later.

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Emirates’ Public Relations is odd.

I am genuinely confused, though. Was this a publicity stunt to rack up attention for the airline? Did they actually have intentions to suspend the route(s) indefinitely? Lots of questions are going unanswered.

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