Emirates Start Airbus A380 flight to Christchurch, New Zealand

This is getting ridiculous now they are just sending Airbus A380 everywhere they can? how do they expect to fill this flight (btw it is not direct the plane stops in Aussie to refuel)

I also saw 4 Emirates Airbus A380s at Auckland,New Zealand when i was there a few weeks ago which seems to be way to many.


Again, there probably finding out the buying the most A380s was the worst idea in Emirates idea.

There next destinations would be in GA Airports.


Lol😂 that’s hilarious


Because they can.

I bet award availability is amazing on EK right now!


Do these four flights go only to Dubai?

2 of them go to Melbourne and Sydney

A380s at GA airports? Hmm, where have I seen that before? ;)

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The CHC to YSSY route is popular from what I have heard…

Not only that but it gives EK additional capacity on the Bangkok - Dubai, Dubai - Bangkok part of the route…

I have some shots of her landing in CHC on Monday if anyones interested :p Cant seem to upload em here

http://australianaviation.com.au/2016/11/emirates-brings-a380-to-christchurch/ :)

Is the answer TS1??

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Of course ;)

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The A380 wasn’t a great success. It didn’t carry enough cargo, and it just couldn’t be filled.

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Why is it a bad idea, maybe many air traveling between Christchurch and Dubai. And it’s needed to have the 380 on the route?


i would have never guessed there is enough traffic from Dubai to Christchurch to operate a A380

don’t know the reason, but years ago, Aerolíneas Argentinas operate BUE LAX route. They used a 747 that had no reason for, too big for that route. But, the 747 used there operated BUE JFK 4 times a week. So it was cheaper for them to get that 747 with vacant time to do the LAX route once a week than getting a new smaller aircraft. also, LAX wasn’t all year, only in summer season.

Sorry my bad english in this explanation, but sometimes we don’t know the real reason

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Next destination for EK A380s
-Palau Tioman Airport
and after that
-Palo Alto Airport
then after that
-Bermuda Dunes
and then
-The grass airstrip on the Badminton estate (Picture)
Coming after that
-Big Bear Blimp Base
And after that one
-Beverwijk Hospital (EHBX)

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The Amount of A380s in KHAF is more than the Amount of A380 in the whole Emirates Fleet so i think that the Next route is KHAF!

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