Emirates SkyLounge on Boeing 777X (April Fools joke??)

Emirates announced that the new SkyLounge will be introduced on its Boeing 777X fleet from 2020.

But, guess what, they released this 12 am Dubai time on April 1st. So April Fools I’m guessing??


Those images are amazing. If only it could come sooner.

If only that was real…


Maybe it’s real. You never know.

Emirates always does this, remember last year where they announcdd a quadruple decker.


I just looked at that, including a swimming pool 😂

Yah, I change my mind. It’s fake.

Emirates pulled it off last year with this

And if this WERE real, there would be a major profit loss, half of the aircrafts seating would be made up for a lounge.


Maybe they want us to think it’s fake, every avgeek fan loves to see what Emirates big April Fools joke is, so maybe they might actually do this

As I said, look at the profit loss, they’d be losing THOUSANDS per flight.

I’m not looking at Emirates. I am looking at what FDS is going to do this year.
(Hopefully something A350)

Yeah that was there April fools joke 🤙🏻

I’m looking forward to IF’s april fools post, last time it revealed global. Maybe we might get a sneak peak into what’s next after CRJ’s.


Its fake but if it is real they are using their 777-8 to advertise it so anyone hear all business class flights? If so would still be profitable.

Hopefully Laura won’t do an April Fools for a fake CRJ release😭😂


It’s a really hard thing to do single class flights besides economy, its litteraly just small profit and definitely a waste of aircraft. Also, there’s got to be a techinacal side to this that would make it impossible, any aircraft mechanics here?

If only this was real XD

It looks really good!

Plot twist: Making it look like an April Fool’s prank is their April Fool’s prank.


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