Emirates SkyCargo 'Rosie' B777-200F


I am proud that I have been the first to request this, even 6 hours after the reveal I was surprised this wasn’t requested.

So here it is:


I would like to see this added, since its an Emirates Livery <3 No pressure :)

Image Creds to Emirates
Taken from

Registration: A6-EFL


Wow Looks gorgeous!!

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(Sorry for the use of capital letters but I found it impossible not to use them whilst commenting on such an amazing livery!)

Love Emirates , but i find this livery a bit tacky and distasteful !


This livery is awesome, love to see it in Infinite Flight

Very nice

I would like it very

That is really. Would beneer to have it added

I watched the YouTube video but never thought to make a feature request for it 😂. Great looking aircraft!

I was about to make a feature request on this one but you beat me to it! I like the livery though. Therfore, one like for Rosie :)

I guess I could say the same to you ^
Payback 😝

It’s one of those few planes that reminds me of my special someone! It’s just too gorgeous for me to not like it.

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I’m happy to see your first livery request after a long time 😏.

Btw, I like this livery. Would love to see this

Seeing that Pakistan just banned Valentine’s Day as it goes against Islam. I think EK should fly this bird in …


I saw a time lapse of Emirates painting this livery on Instagram. Looks good.

Emirates Cargo will be on the -F, but not the special livery. So congrats, either way! 👍🏻

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4 Years Later…