Emirates Sky Cargo Boeing 747-400F

##Emirates Sky Cargo | 747-400F
I’m personally a huge fan of flying Cargo Aircraft on IF and since someone has already recommended BA World Cargo I’ll push for my second favourite…Emirates Sky Cargo.

_Photo credit to: Error - The Widebody Aircraft Parade

Apologies if this is a duplicate, I did search but couldn’t find another post.


Emirates is my favourite airline so I would love to see this on IF

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I didn’t know Emirates has a 74 operation, very cool.


I did spot a passenger one, Im not sure its real as I couldn’t find any fleet trace, but dare I wish?!

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It’s a fake if I’m not wrong

Correction : I’m pretty sure that’s a fake

Correction 2 : That’s a fake, EK owned only 747 freighters

Yeah It is I think, but looks impressive enough!

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Pretty good fake job.

It is fake as other already stated, however, you should remove your picture as the Features guidelines requires one per topic. Thanks in advance! :)

Picture has gone.

Pretty good aircraft, i love this livery especially on the queen👍👏

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The devs should start adding more freighters.

Wow. I don’t know why they we don’t have the 744F of Emirates. It is a beautiful plane!

Looks great on the 747

Looks fantastic.

We need more cargo 747s!

In a way a duplicate, not my job to do this though.

the 747F has been requested along with the Emirates livery (many others too). I do however agree we need the 747F in the game; just add the livery onto the 747-400.

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Those ones are proposes for the requested airplane

This one’s for the livery :)

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It’s actually not as the request you linked is asking for the Boeing 747-400F as an aircraft with a few liveries as a suggestion. :)


Also bear in mind that EK operates the 748F now not the 744F.

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Oh does it, brilliant. Bet that looks insane! Are they in service?