Emirates receives its 80th a380

This means that Emirates now operates 40% of all a380’s ever manufactured.



Oil is what they have :P

Even for SIA well we’re only gonna have 2 to 4 on order I think


In the article it said that Emirates is the launch customer of the 777-X, I thought Lufthansa was

Actually Dubai is the least oil-rich of all the Emirates. Their economy is mostly devoted to tourism.

Or that too… Well they still have oil :P

I don’t think so as my airliner world poster has it in the Emirates livery so I think that will be the launch customer also I think Emirates is the largest operator of the B777-300 so it make sense for Emirates to be the launch customer as they do have a good relationship with Boeing thanks to their big orders of various aircaft

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Although the countries oil reserves don’t really have any correlation to the wealth of their largest airline.

It is more relevant as the goverment owns the airline

Money money, all about money!


Well that’s the primary point of an Ailrine. The secondary is getting people there.

Seems excess is not a word in the dictionaries over there.

I would crack that ego joke again but apparently some people here can’t handle humor…


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