Emirates re-introduces shortest A380 flight

Block time 1 hour and about 10 minutes, DXB to DOH.


Why would they do this?

Because they’re running out of routes for the A380. (My thoughts)


The flight is actually around 30-40 minutes not a hour. It’s probably because Qatar also use big planes like the B777 and B787 so for emirates they probably didn’t feel the B777 was as effective as an A380 would be. Qatar and Emirates have around 4 flights a day I believe back and forth so I’m not surprised


I agree, In addition, I think it’s because Dubai has a lot of visitors as businessmen or as tourists from neighboring GCC countries so the A380 could be a good option. Also with the currency rate of Qatar, why not 😅.

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Y tho. And they say Americans are wasteful


It’s not a waste of the demand is there which I’m sure it is considering how many flights they have to and from Doha

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It would be pointless as they handle so many passengers that’s they would need more B737’s then a single B777 also it makes it easier for maintenance and crew and pilot familiarisation and it’s proving successful right now as long as the demand remains


Or because the route has a high demand…


I think emirates did this because we all know that flight will be packed with business people and assuming they have a decent amount of money, thre suites and business class would be filled up. Also considering the operating costs, it might be better for Emirates can also operate the a380 for a relatively low cost on this short haul route while also filling up the premium cabins which will lead to more profit. Emirates might also want to flaunt that oil money if u know what I mean 😂

DXB to DOH is one of Emirates’ most frequently operated flights, with scheduled departures nine times a day and more than 700,000 passengers since January alone. Swapping in an A380 on this route will increase passenger load.

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Maybe because of high demand?

Companies that bought the A380 for routes other than JFK-LHR or JFK-CDG are wasting their money… (Basically everyone other than BA and Air France), these routes are very high demand so planes like these work for these routes. But I cannot think of many more routes like this (Where an A380 would work).

BA don’t use the A380 on the JFK route, mainly use the B777 and B747 on that run as smaller more frequent flights are better for business. BA tend to use the A380 on the very long haul routes such as Singapore, Sydney, LAX etc.

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emirates launched its first a380 service from Dubai (DXB) - Sydney (SYD) - Christchurch (CHC)

i’m wondering what altitude will fly to this destination? I Think 10,000 feet lol

Haha yeah, as soon as they take off they might’ve been directly handed off to Hamad int’l Approach 😅

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Nope it would be around 15,000 to 20,000ft.


Actually I’m pretty sure it’s just about 24,000 (maybe slight less) cruising altitude. I’ve been on this route in real life.

Well, I guess there is a lot of people traveling between Doha and Dubai. So it’s needed to have the A380 on that route :)