Emirates Possibly Quietly Removed Orders for Boeing 787-10

Emirates since 2017 has had orders for the Boeing 787-10. They were set for delivery from 2022 on. They appeared on they’re 2017 report, but in they’re newly released 2018 report no mention of the aircraft is made. The order was already in doubtsince they had shrunk it once, and ordered compeating aircraft from Airbus. Along with the fact that it was by a lot they’re smallest aircraft, and didn’t seem to fit especially well…



I’ll only allow them to cancel their 787 orders if they get the 747-8 in exchange 😜


Back in February it was reported that Emirates was looking to cancel the 787 orders in favour of 20 777x aircraft.

Source: Emirates Likely to Cancel Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner Order in Fleet Shakeup

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It doesn’t surprise me. A 787 would be completely different from what they have.

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