Emirates Orders New Airbus Aircraft

As you may know there were talks of Emirates switching orders over from the A380 to the A350, now this was initially surprising given they cancelled their A350 orders a few years back but it is now confirmed that they will be ordering them once again. But there is a twist, they are also ordering A330neo aircraft. This is hugely unexpected and a much welcomed aircraft back into their fleet as the A330 was retired not too long ago. I’m sure this had to do with the possibility that they will cancel their B787 orders due to the engines not performing as good in the hot Arabian heat.

What are your views on this? I think it’s exciting times and there will still be some A380 orders.

In terms of what the original A380 order was and how this new order adds up - They have reduced the A380 orders by 39 and have now ordered 70 other aircraft instead.


Dropping orders on “whale” for a new revolutionary animal. The “raccoons”. 🤦🏼‍♂️

Had to make “raccoons” plural per Mr. Chatta. Sorry about the misleading info folks.


Now this… this will be interesting.

An Emirates A350? 😍

An Emirates A330neo? 😍

Man. Good decisions. We’ll have to see what comes to fruition!

Thanks for sharing Chatta. :)


Emirates has had issues opening up into smaller markets because of their aircraft size. I think with this order, their route network will become more flexible.
With my understanding, the A350s are to be used on long haul ‘thin routes’ with the A330neo on shorter routes.

For me, the 787-10 would not have worked nicely for them due to the conditions at Dubai and some of their prospective destinations eg HAAB.

Either way. It’s good that the A330neo is beginning to sell like hot cakes.


Yes personally I’m aware of their fleet being too large as a lot of smaller airports aren’t able to cater to Emirates so the A330 definitely will clear that up and allow for access to smaller airport just like the smaller variants B787. As for the A350 yes that’s a competitor to the -10 given the size of that variant so I do feel as if the B787 will be cancelled given they said they only wanted one or the other when they previously decided. Either way exciting times ahead!

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Smaller airplanes for a smaller destination? Do we see whare I’m going with this… 🤔

As long as they’re not using that whale of a failure, I’m ok with it


I like how they are expanding their fleet diversity. As for the A380 program ending, RIP. I can’t wait to see the raccoon mask with an Emirates livery.


I personally believe, this is a better option for them. While the 380 was an aviation marvel, this will be so much cheaper for them.

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I agree, whilst the A380 and B77W were nice their fleet has just gotten so boring since they retired the A330 and A340 so this is a much welcomed order in my eyes!

I’m assuming you mean the A330 not the A330neo. It would have been very impressive for them to retire it already :)

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