Emirates Orders 30 Boeing 787-9s

Pretty big week for Emirates at the 2019 Dubai Airshow. If you haven’t heard already, Emirates ordered 50 A350s a few days ago and cancelled their A330neo order.

Emirates has announced a firm order for 30 Boeing 787-9 Dreamliners.

  • The order is priced at $8.8 billion USD.
  • Emirates will use these 30 787s to substitute 30 777Xs

While Boeing’s media release doesn’t specify the 777X, it’s likely this aircraft as Emirates’ media release states it will substitute the 777X with the 787-9.

Emirates will update a portion of its large order book by exercising substitution rights and converting 30 777 airplanes into 30 787-9s.

  • The 787-9s are expected to be delivered from May 2023 until 2028.
  • Emirates has confirmed it remains committed to the 777X. The 787-9 will only complement existing aircraft in its fleet.
  • Emirates previously agreed to order 40 787-10s but has cancelled it; This 787-9 order replaces the -10 order.




wow they finally ordered 787’s. It was inevitable. I wonder if this will replace the A380 later in the future

wow ok, i thought they already had some on order

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I believe that was an order for 40 787-10s. However, that was an MoU, so nothing was firm. Since then, the order’s practically disappeared. The 787-9 is an actual order.

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Finally they have made firm orders after what seems like an eternity of uncertainty over orders of the 787/A350.

Good on you Emirates!

Thay just ordered A350

I’d love it if when they order the 777Xs, they keep the 787-9s to replace the A380s.

Being an Emirates fan, this makes me very happy and excited. Can’t wait for the future! Fly Emirates!

Whoa, I did not see that coming! Also as an Emirates fan, I am really exited for this!

They are ordering some smaller aircraft, which makes me think that in a year or two when a couple of these planes are in, they may start expanding there route network, which would be cool…

Emirates diversifying its fleet now. No more 777s and A380s. Time for 787s and A350s

They have no choice, most of their aircraft currently are too large for a lot of airports in Asia in particular. Qatar and Etihad have an advantage with their smaller aircraft in the fleet

Wow that’s crazy! 50 A359’s and now 30 789’s !!

Maybe their proposed service to Denver (KDEN) will finally takeoff (no pun intended) as they had said they would be interested in opening the route but they didn’t have a small enough plane for the demand.

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