Emirates new upgrades

Emirates has officially finished it’s new Business and Economy cabins on its 10 Boeing 777-200LRs, three months ahead of schedule. They also announced the retirement of two of it’s 777-300s, A6-EMV and A6-EMX.

Here’s some great shots of the new interior


The Emirates Business Class looks more and more like a First Class. You can see the same with Etihad, Qatar and Singapore Airlines.

The First Class product will disappear over the time and those Business Class improvements only show the fading differences. The more Business looks like First, the less you actually need First Class.

It will be interesting to see how European Airlines will adapt to this system. SWISS for example still overs both classes, First and Business. They also recently announced a Premium Economy. Here you can still see an actual difference though. The SWISS Business cabin is not comparable to others like Emirates for example.

That’s a shame really. SWISS offers great service, but the cabin layout in Business isn’t very good. Same with other European airlines. We’ll see 😊


I completely agree with you, I think we will see more of the Business style class vs First Class.
I’m also interested see how the States adapts to this, or if they do.


I bet they don’t change much. Who can actually afford this in every day travel in the states? And would the airline be willing to give up its cramped seating at capacity?

Anyone with some income, airlines have started selling seats cheaper, but it’s basically stand by. it also depends where you’re traveling to and from.

I need find the link, some one did a youtube video explaining how business and first class actually makes money for the airlines and got into pretty deep detail about it.

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I believe you are referring to this video:


I believe that is it!

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