Emirates likely won’t have first class on new Boeing 787s or Airbus A350s

Wow! Looks like business will be the new first


Hey! Maybe I can finally afford an Emirates flight 😂


Good move by them.

Their first class was just too “Cheap” with all the gold and plasticized wood. Its nothing compared to actual good business class seats like Qatar’s or Singapore’s.

Business class is becoming more and more luxurious. Look at Qatar’s Q-suite, ANA’s business class and Delta One suites. First class is losing its viability and is becoming very hard to market against those ‘super’ business class seats. It looks like the only way forward is to keep first class on extremely premium routes(LHR, CDG, JFK etc) in order for it to be profitable.

The suites pictured are their current first class product.
EK’s business class is the drab grey and faux gold cabin.
Their J cabin is truly unremarkable compared to what their competitors are putting out.
The trend of J becoming F has existed since the creation of business class.
Business class used to be recliners while F had angled lie flats, then slowly J got angled lieflats and F got full flat beds.
Then J got flat beds in a 2-2(3 or 4)- 2 config while F was 1-2-1.
And finally around the start of this decade J got all aisle access (something that EK hasn’t gotten the memo about), and F was pushed into an increasingly smaller niche.
Now that we have recliners in the PE cabin, and F is disappearing, we are back where we started in the nineties.


Yeah man 20,000$ for a flight is cheap

I mean the way they look is cheap compared to what people are paying for.

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