Emirates lays out long-term plans to move hubs from DXB to DWC

Hey guys

So according to the emirates website and a relative that works in emirates.

Emirates will be moving airline hubs from DXB to DWC

Does anyone have any thoughts on the move?


Huge mistake


Definitely not a good idea…


A 1 runway airport in the middle of a desert

Compared to this


DWC is literally in the desert compared to where DXB is. I’ve flown in and out of DXB countless times ever since I was born and the airport is beautiful. I think DWC should stick to cargo so as @AmericanB772 said it’s a huge mistake. DXB is also closer to the city and many hotels within the city. Sure DWC may be closer to the Palm Jumeriah (I think). Maybe move Emirates SkyCargo there and keep it a cargo hub and keep DXB for passengers


DWC is near highway 611, but that’s far from Dubai, and yes @AviatorVJ, it should stay where it is, DXB is a nice big airport near Dubai with many hotels near.


Maybe move the Emirates Executive planes and the Emiri Air Wing or whatever it’s called to DWC since it’s in the desert so less threats

Hold up… it’s an engineering facility


That’s honestly pretty interesting

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No not as of yet. The moving operation be their engineering also the airport is still in construction and they are planning to add more runways. I believe it would be a total of 4 runways

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It’s not really. I live in Dubai and it’s only a 40 minute drive from downtown Dubai. Not that far compared to airports like Heathrow

Wouldn’t Emirates add the part you just said to their website to tell frequent flyers of the airline?

Oh yeah it is. Sometimes when I go to the Palm Jumeriah from DXB it takes 2 hours. Last time it did. Many people stay in the Palm or the Marina so it’ll take 1-2 hours for them. But downtown where the Burj is and all is like 30-40 mins so yeah 👍. But moving to DWC will mean that the commute to downtown Dubai is longer

It’s on their website but they would obviously inform them closer to the time.

Bro the palm? That’s impossible to get into at night or even during the day. Traffic there is a nightmare


Just a few things:

DWC is currently a single runway airport, yes. However the plan is to transform the airport into a mega-hub with 6 runways. It’s clear emirates is planing to expand and the current airport can just not support that. It being in the center of the city is one major reason.

Also the 950 million being spent is on only the maintenance facility, not the entire airport. The plan is to complete work on phase 1 on the by 2027, where are you getting 2056-26 from? The airline will be moving much later.

Here are some links for people interested:



I was just there in February, Heathrow Airport was only a 25 minute drive from my hotel which was right next to the London eye, in downtown London.

I think they do. It’s full name is sheikh Mohamed Al Maktoom airport private and cargo jets leave there

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If these renders happen to be true, I think it’s a good idea, airport would look better, better organised. And maybe the city would expand around the aiport.


That’s what I was told maybe wrong tho.