Emirates Launches their new Premium Economy in new video on the Airbus A380

Emirates has just released a video showing their new Premium Economy product on their Airbus A380 aircraft that got delivered on the 23rd of December just before Christmas.

Some information about the product

  • It will be in a 2-4-2 configuration with 56 seats

  • It will have an ergonomic seat with a 40-inch pitch

  • It will also have an 8-inch recline

  • It will also feature leather anti-stain seating

  • Leather headrest with 6-way adjustment

  • Adjustable calf and leg rest

  • In arm dining and cocktail tables

  • And a 13.3-inch FHD touchscreen with over 4,500 shows and movies on ICE

Here is an image of the seat from the side showing the wood plated windows also

This was all confirmed by a video posted by Emirates on their social media showing the new product found on the A380 no news has been released about the routes or if they will maybe re-fit some aircraft with the new product so, for now, it is only on A6-EVN the newest A380 to join the fleet.

And here are some pictures posted on their social media



(59) Enjoy more comfort in Premium Economy _ Emirates Airbus A380 - YouTube - Google Chrome 2020_12_29 11_34_24

Credit: https://www.instagram.com/p/CJYGfqUAOSg/?utm_source=ig_web_copy_link

Like I said we don’t know the routes or when the aircraft will be put into service we only know the new product we will just have to wait and see that!


That Premium Economy looks nice, or decent to say the least. Hopefully they don’t go for outrageous prices :joy:


That looks amazing

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It does look quite nice

Dat’s nice!

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The interior looks like that of a luxury 5 star hotel interior with this colour scheme!

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It is! Cannot wait for reviews of it

They do their color schemes quite right

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I love Etihad’s interior more though 😅

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Great work from Emirates! I love the premium economy cabin and It looks stunning! I hope to get try it out in the future!

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Hope I can travel on Emirates Premium economy. although I have enough money but my mum doesn’t let me to buy one 😭

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Wasn’t it gonna be HAECO’s Eclipse Premium Economy Seats?

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no that was always just speculation

Better than business class on some airlines. I like that they’re toning down the bling. It makes the cabin look nice and peaceful.

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It looks very cozy to me without all the bling of first class I really enjoy it and it is better than some business classes which is sad for those airlines


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