Emirates in talks to switch remaining A380 orders to A350 Orders

Emirates Changing Orders To A350

There are rumors around the news that Emirates might be switching their last remaing A380 orders to A350 orders instead. Airbus has confirmed that they are in discussion with Emirates in regards to the A380 contract.

The article above states that officials in Dubai have stated that the deal does in-fact involve Emirates in switching orders to the A350.

The airline still has 56 A380 orders at the time of posting this with a production rate of 8 a year, but that is expected to slow to 6 a year as stated in the article.

Could this be the end of the A380 program and further orders for the A380? The A350 is more fuel efficient than the A380, although having 200 seats less (can very depending on class configuration).

I personally think that if this is true and they do change to the A350 then this could be the end for the A380 and The King of the Skies!

What do you think? Could this be the end of the A380 production line?


Superb news to hear this may be the end of the A380, whale of the sky. I will remind you the Concorde was the King of the skies, the A380 is nothing.

Disappointed that they switched the A350 instead of cancelling altogether. It’s going to get harder now if they’re gonna diversify the fleet to not just A380’s and 777, but now 787’s and A350’s


I wasn’t around for much of the Concorde days! 😂

I feel like it is going to make it difficult on pilots and Emirates as a whole as well, as they will have to train pilots to transition from the A380 to the A350 and the B787 as you mentioned.

Unless, they hired pilots from other airlines that where already trained on these aircraft to begin with.

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Apart from being the biggest most complex commercial aircraft ever made…


I have to disagree at this point. Almost all big airlines have such a big diversity in their fleets and it isn’t the biggest problem for them. Sure, maintenance costs will increase and Flight Crews need to transition to other aircraft types, but after all that’s not the biggest problem (look at American‘s, United‘s or Lufthansa Group‘s fleets).
For me it’s rather sad to see the A380 disappear that early. :(


Yeah, I get where you coming from. It’s just going to take a lot of work to train the pilots for the new aircraft in their fleet. :)


It’s sad to see the A380 go,
But Eirates doesn’t have a diverse fleet… only 777 and A380

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Not right now, but they do have the 787 and if this is true, maybe the A350 on order.

They have 787? I thought only in order …

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I don’t think it’s the end. Although it’s old, the A380 is still an incredibly efficient aircraft when you consider mpg/pax. 75mpg/pax I believe. Yes there are more efficient aircraft out there, but there are certain routes that are so time restricted that airlines cannot just add more routes on a smaller aircraft like the A350 or B787. Specifically I’m thinking of Qantas. Sydney is so far with such a big time difference from most of the major hubs in the rest of the world, that the A380 is the best way for Qantas to move passengers between these massive hubs because they only have a small window that will work out at both ends of the flight, and still cheap enough to make it viable. Will orders of the A380 go down? Yes. The demand for the aircraft as a whole is decreasing. But unless oil prices return to US$100/barrel like they used to be, I think the A380 will continue to fly for the foreseeable future simply because it’s affordable and logistically simpler than running more flights.

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And one of the least efficient modern airliners to date…

This probably is the end for the A380 program. Airbus was going to end it until Emirates ordered more. Now, they’re thinking about changing it. It will be interesting to see where this goes.

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It would be sad if the production of this masterpiece of engineering would shut down. Unfortunately, the A380 has been released at the wrong time. Airlines are tending to use smaller aircraft which can be operated more flexibly, although I personally question the sense behind flying a route three times instead of once a day. However, also from a planesptter perspective it would mean bad news, the twinjets are getting boring as they all kind of look the same…

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Sorry, I worded that weirdly. The 787 is still on order.

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Yeah, certainly will be! I’ll keep this updated, with any information!

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I remember Emirates canceled their A350 orders a few years ago. It seems they’re going back to it.

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Yeah, they did cancel their A350 orders back in 2014, I think it was!

Rip A380 lol

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The thing with airbus is they have brilliant cockpit design. This means it takes barely any time to transition from the smallest aircraft in the fleet to the largest. For such reasons I don’t think Emirates would be worries plus they are fully developed as an airline so it should not be much of a concern given the huge number of pilots they have.

It’s sad to hear about the A380 being replaced however it would mean that Emirates will get A350’s which would be great given they cancelled their past order for it. Perhaps they have seen just how good the plane is in operations?


So sad :(

I love seeing this aircraft, the king. It would be a shame to see it go away.

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Welp I do think this is the end for the A380. Even though Airbus somehow got a ton of orders on these it’s time for them to go. Even with how big and how much depth Emirates has, they need to start switching their fleet to more fuel efficient aircrafts, hence like the A350 and the B787s they have already ordered. It will be kind of sad to see the A380 go but at the same time I never really liked it.

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