Emirates | GRU-DXB | Boeing 777-300ER

Hey IFC!
Another unique flight today! I just saw this flight in Flightradar24 and decided to fly it because it looked so much fun. So sit back and enjoy!
Server: Expert

Callsign: Emirates 262 Heavy
Ladies and Gentlemen, the mighty Boeing 777!
Lined up

Successful takeoff from São Paulo

Made it to cruise!

Leaving South America behind

Dinner time

Sleepy time

Breakfast time

Left downwind

Safe landing in Dubai!

I hope y’all enjoyed!


That left engine shot was absolutely phenomenal😎😎


nice photos! i did the same flight last week but only in reversed and in the 777-200LR (IDK why)


Nice photos! Especially like the 3rd one 🤩

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That last photo on landing, love it!

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Agreed! It really shows how huge the GE90 is


just can’t wait till we got wing flex on the 777. then pictures are gonna be even better.

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No, it’s not “dinner time” it’s “tea time.”

Nice pictures, how long was the flight?

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@Luke_King-kong the flight was 14 hours.

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Nice, I might try it

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