Emirates group flight

Hi does anyone want to do a emirates group flight??

on the training server 1

Do you need to pay to join your VA? 😱 🤔


What do you want me to do?

I have taken the pic so do you want to do a group flight?

Yes we can. I need 40 xp for grade 4.

nice ok im doing my flight plan

copy my flight plan where going to birmingham

fly at 12,000 feet speed: 260 vs 3000

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Please continue via PM. Thanks a lot.

no problem

Just a group flight so it’s ok.

Then I’m confused

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Emirates is owned by someone else I’m pretty sure.

Just checked theres a Emirates VA, but the post was closed due to the topic close time thing by the system.

They didn’t post something on the topic perhaps.

Could you separate out please otherwise I will be asking one of you to do a 360.

What was that “go-around” for?

@AdamCallow please no need to keep telling me you are on final, I know you are there I was waiting for the aircraft ahead to vacate before clearing you.

Ok but you can clear me before the aircraft ahead his landed e.g. emirates 2016 heavy number 2 cleared to land.