Emirates flight to Kolkata suffers bird strike


On May 8, Emirates flight EK571 had experienced a minor bird strike…
The Emirates plane landed at 7.53am and reported a bird hit at 10:23am. The bird remains were found on one of the wings of the aircraft," said Atul Dixit, director, Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport, Kolkata.

Dixit also added that no bird remains were found on the runway and it is suspected that the incident happened en route the airport.

Before the aircraft resumes its return leg of the journey it will be examined for airworthiness, said Dixit.

“Emirates flight EK571 from Kolkata to Dubai on May 8, 2017, was grounded in Kolkata pending repair to minor damage caused by a bird strike. Arrangements were made to rebook passengers on alternative flights. Emirates regrets the inconvenience caused to passengers,”


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We should have a new category called “aviation news”. a lot of people bring up news topic and putting them in RWAhas nothing to do with personal experience.


For all I know, this could be a fairy tale. No links, no credits to anyone regarding the information… nothing. We can see where this one is going. 😒


So the plane went back in time to land? Seems legit


And besides. Bird strikes happen all the time. They sent a big deal unless they danger the aircraft in anyway (cactus 1559). Usually it is just a scratch on the aircraft or it was ingested in the engine.(engines are designed to contain bird strike) this story isn’t even that big of a deal 🦅🛩


I wanted one but a lot of people complained


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