Emirates flight avoids mid-air collision

I don’t know why, but I have the feeling I have read about too many near-misses this year. Anyways, apparently, the aviation industry should check the Pilot’s headphones and make sure the pilot won’t misunderstand anything from ATC before it is too late.


Wouldn´t a “Emirates flight relies on TCAS, and safely avoids getting to close to other aircraft” title be better?


That sounds boring to your average reader, and this post is using the article title because it contains the article.

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Emil, way too much common sense happening here. How would a headline like that scare the public or get people to click on the article? 🙄


Always have to stack the cards in your favor. If you don’t hear the message clearly it would be best to ask again. Hell these are A380 pilots they know that but I guess the important thing is that the cruise of both flights reacted appropriately to the conflict.


I´m sorry, Boss…
Would “Emirates Super Jumbo A380 nearly crashes and collides with an Air Seychelles Medium Jumbo A330 36000ft in the sky” be better?



“The two crews were able to see each other before the pilot of Flight HM54 turned a sharp right to avoid a collision. The two aircraft eventually passed each other at the same altitude but around 14 kilometres apart, according to the Aviation Herald.”

This paragraph sounds horrifying! 😱

Had it was happening, I’m sure this might be one of the worst aviation disaster in history…


LOL, this is taking it too far, in a funny way to me.

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Oh no! They were only 14OKM apart! That’s only 4 times the required separation


My mom always sends me these links for ‘review’ when choosing flights and airlines. I normally have to explain what half of the stuff that protected the plane is.


Better source and a good title



The EK pilot was instructed by ATC to descend to FL380 and the Air Seychelles pilot was told to climb to FL370. However, the EK pilot read back the instruction to the ATC as ‘descend to FL360’, at this point the controller failed to acknowledge the readback mistake and repeat the instruction to the EK pilot, causing him to get dangerously close to the Air Seychelles aircraft.


Emirates 🤷🏻‍♂️
I just really don’t know about their pilots after the amount of incidents recently. I know they have a big fleet, but maybe there are just one or two too many? Emirates still should be congratulated for the amount of flights that make it from A to B safely. This is just another one of those incidents, but I wouldn’t expect an A380 pilot to make this kind of mistake.


@emil, that title definitely sounds better

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God, don’t mess with Terrific Tyler, leave the way it is💁🏻‍♂️

If many pilots can’t read instructions properly, they shouldn’t be a pilot. If it really was a A380 collision because of a pilot error, imagine how horrific it would be.

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This is why you listen to atc to avoid a mid air colishion.

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Or one’s TCAS system… TCAS>ATC if one has to choose.


I think they passed each other at 14 km apart after one had turned right so it would be lot closer or possible a mid air collision if one of them didn’t turn away.

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To be honest, they’re all too common, and happen all the time. I’ve been on a monarch airlines flight in 2012 From Palma de Mallorca - Manchester and we had to climb 500 feet to avoid a TAP Portugal flight that if we did not climb. The pilot said on the ground that it could have been nasty. I know a friend that had a very similar experience. But the pilot wasn’t as blatant to his passangers as the one on my flight…

Sorry if I bored you with the story though 😂

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It’s all about the ad revenue…