Emirates Flight Attendant Dies After Falling (updates coming)

An Emirates Flight Attendant has died after falling off an aircraft while parked in Uganda. She had suffered serious injuries after falling from an emergency exit while the aircraft was parked. Emergency crews immediately took her to the hospital where she died shortly after.


My thoughts:

I understand accidents happen, im curious as to how exactly the flight attendant fell. Im also curious as to what compensation Emirates will offer her family for support… there really isn’t much to say on this with it being pretty straight forward.

Only thing I can imagine is that maybe a catering truck backed away from the AC and when she went to close a door, she fell. Had to hit her head in order to die methinks. Unfortunate circumstance.

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I heard about this news last week. Apparently, witness reports show that she had an argument with her colleagues before the incident.

Rest in peace ✌🏼


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