Emirates flight 680

Emirates flight 680 nonstop from KLAX-Dubai made an emergency water landing right after takeoff from LAX. After investigation, it was shown that a bird had gotten stuck in the ailerons making it so the plane couldn’t turn. After quickly dumping fuel, the pilot alerted the coast guard and landed the plane right off the Los Angeles coast. Everyone on the aircraft survived and only 7 out of the 310 passengers and crew onboard had minor injuries. This is a true story and all of it happened in TS1.image This picture was taken from a coast guard boat.


Good thing all the virtual passengers survived!


Yes! It is good😂

Sully is that you?


Was the bird ok? XD


Haha sadly the bird died

Yes I’m sully

Good story

Thanks @NismoKits!

Fascinating 🙃

Nice emergency ocean landing! If I was the pilot, I would probably smash the wing into the ground and do a even more deadlier kind of the Ethiopian 767 disaster a few years ago.

is this gonna be the new trend now…

you know how hard it is for a bird to get in an aileronXD

I know LAX is near a beach but the beach is an industrial area so birds don’t fly around there much. But bad though the plane water landed. But please say. How in mustaches name did a bird get there

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