Emirates “Expo 2020” Livery

My vacation in Seychelles is coming to an end. I’m at the airport, and I notice an Emirates aircraft with a livery I’ve never seen before. Tail number is A6-EPO:

Excuse the image quality, I took this picture in a terminal on my phone.

So I have two questions for yall:
Is this new? Or am I slow?

What do you guys think of the livery?

Personally, I don’t think it matches the existing colors on the aircraft.


Emirates unveils aircraft with new Expo 2020 Dubai livery


On 1st November 2017- Emirates unveiled the first aircraft in its fleet with a new livery dedicated to Expo 2020 Dubai. The decal was installed on A6-EPK, an Emirates Boeing 777-300ER aircraft, at the Emirates Engineering hangar.

The unique and striking livery is based on the Expo 2020 logo inspired by an ancient gold ring excavated in Dubai and it underlines Emirates’ support for the vision of Expo 2020 Dubai. Emirates is the Official Airline Partner of Expo 2020 Dubai.

Emirates will be installing three different decal designs to reflect the different themes of Expo 2020- namely opportunity, mobility and sustainability. The theme of the first decal installed was ‘mobility’ which also relates to Emirates’ role as a connector of people, places and opportunities, as the airline links over 150 destinations in 84 countries to, from, and via its hub in Dubai. The main theme of Expo 2020 Dubai also revolves around ‘Connecting Minds, Creating the Future’.

The Expo 2020 decal installed by the Emirates Aircraft Appearance Centre is one of the largest decals to be applied on an Emirates Boeing 777 aircraft. It is also the first time that the surface area on top of the aircraft has been covered by a decal. The Expo decal applied on the Boeing 777 covers over 40% of the aircraft fuselage surface area. The design spans over 37.8 metres in length and 12 metres in width. The decal was designed, printed and installed by Emirates’ in-house graphic shop team. It took a team of 6 staff over 84 hours to complete the decal installation.

Credit: https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/emirates-unveils-aircraft-with-new-expo-2020-dubai-livery


Is it different on each side?

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Nope. There is three different color variants. Blue, Green and Orange. Each one is colored with the same color on both sides. If it’s blue then it’s blue on the other side as well. Same goes for all the colors. Orange then it entirely orange and not blue or green on the other side.

Although a dual-half color on each side would be cool, that’s not really the case.


Is there an importance to each color? Does blue fly somewhere specifically as does orange? Would you ever see them side by side?

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I don’t blame you if you read this as Schyllberg too, we’re used to Seb ;)

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I don’t think that’s the case. Any color can fly anywhere. They’re not region exclusives or anything like that.
For an example: EK 158 is currently on its way back to Dubai from Stockholm, it’s has the blue livery painted on it and it has flown to various different places around Europe and Asia. They no matter what color they have continue flying to where used to as before. I wouldn’t think they change their routes completely and focus on specific region based on livery color.

Here the reg number for the blue livery plane: 89630B

And for anyone wondering… here’s one of the green ones.

As to answer your other question about can you see different colors side by side, well that would be possible but most likely in Dubai.

Note: I’m not 100% sure but from what i’ve found out after doing some intensive research they don’t operate to specific regions based on what color they have.

But then again they are trying to do some advertising for their Expo so these planes will be flying around the globe for the publicity sake of marketing and advertising.

pretty new,
It’s not really rare, because if this one specific airport has the Emirates 777-300 there, this should come.
Same with A380 - Year of Zayed livery
Came to my airport :P

What a pretty livery!

I’m surprised they released that livery.

They are advertising it by flying their 77W around the globe.

Advertising via the air is a fast way to show the world what you’ve got coming soon in your country, city or town…

And they’re early, so what surprised me was that they put on those liveries this year already. I thought they’d wait till the end of this year or the beginning of 2019?

They’ve also got the “Year of Zayed 2018” livery on the go now as well…

My new favorite livery!😍

Guys!!! Yesterday, I just saw an Emirates A380 with this livery land at Singapore Changi International Airport!!!


Cool! Do you have any pictures?


Very nice livery! I prefer the orange one though!

This livery is pretty cool!

It made a visit to Boston last week for a special one-off A380 flight. :)

Registration: A6-EOL

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