Emirates Event Series Vol 3 | Evacuation & Aid | A Great Study Break @ YSSY - 101730ZJUN17

Server: Training

Region: Sydney, Australia

Airport: YSSY - AU71 - YCAW

Time: 1730Z

NOTAM: Short landing and takeoff from 732 ft runway. Procedures to make it successful include:
Light aircraft
Cirrus SR22 - 1,130kg upon takeoff from AU71
Cessna 208 - 2500kg upon takeoff from AU71
stall speed landing and stall speed rotation upon takeoff

We will takeoff from YSSY at runway 16 and head over to a small field AU71 which has an ETA of 15 min. After landing and lineup for loading and unloading (waiting for everyone to land) we will takeoff to a nearby airport for safety at YCAW with an ETA of around 8 min. This event is part of Emirates VA event series and is celebrating the partnership between the ICG and Emirates. So come and rescue people in a rural and challenging area for pilots.
Cessna 208 - cargo aircraft with one pilot, land 300 kg of cargo) - med airlines livery
Cirrus SR22 - (civilian transport for 4 people so heavy weight) - livery 3
Gate 3 - 107: @Narruto_Mieumieu
Gate 3 - 106: Harry Hopkins
Gate 3 - 105: @Harris_Carvel
Gate 3 - 104: @I_AVION_I
Gate 3 - 103: @Budden03
Gate 3 - 102: @Hugh_Cooper
Gate 3 - 096: @Itstheaviation67
Gate 3 - 112: @R_Jordanian
Gate 3 - 095:


isn’t this necessary for all takeoffs? 😂

Do Emirates run a 208?

Might be interested in joining, but not that realistic,

EDIT Just attempted this and it just possible in the Cirrus but simply impossible in the 208. @Harris_Carvel did you attempt it? 😂

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Can i have a Gate please?

Which part was impossible in the 208?

The AU71 landing. I touched down hard at the very start and couldn’t stop

Do you recall what your airspeed was at touchdown? I’m not critiquing you, just curious.

  1. Stall speed is 61. Also it says on the stats it needs 1,500 feet to land
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In the Cessna 208 you must go around 70 kts to land and apply reverse thrust and with the cirrus you must get down to 65 but make sure all components are on light weight

Guys I’ll upload a video later today

sorry I cant upload the video guys however does anyone want a gate at this event?

I assigned you a gate, thanks for joining

its not impossible at all in a 208 I have done it with 20 kts crosswind and 300m visibility. Each time I make an event like this I test the airports many times. Also emirates doesn’t have a 208 it is just in the evnt due to the celebration of the partnership between ICG and emirates VA

Ok, are ICG involved?

Also could I see a video? That would be cool

it wont allow me to upload a video on here I recorded one though, I can email it to you if you wish

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Ya, that would be cool

I’ll be there can I get a gate?

Sure I’ll assign you a gate

I’ll be there! Could I get a gate? It’s on the 10th of June right?

I’ll book you a gate. Also, yes it’s on the 10th