Emirates Event Series Part 2 - Emirates & Swiss @ KSFO - 271730ZMAY17 [CLOSED]

Server: Casual Server

Region: San Francisco Bay Area

Airport: KSFO - KSCK

Time: 1730Z

Estimated length of time: 15 - 30 minutes

NOTAM: Even though there is no controller please follow process to allow us to decide on winners and award prizes otherwise nothing will be given.

Hello aviation fans and racers,
This is the second part of our multiple part event series and this event will be hosted in honor of Emirates & Swiss VA partnership. We will takeoff from KSFO using two runways next to each other. The runways at KSFO are:
28L & R or 10L & R (the runway is decided upon wind conditions)

The two aircraft we will be using are:
Any Boeing 777s (Emirates Livery)
Airbus A330 (Swiss livery)

Both aircraft types will race each other to the finishing airport and the winner from each pair will receive a free 10 hours flying time when joining Emirates VA. The Boeing 777 will always be lined up on the right runway and the A330 will always takeoff from the left runway. Make sure you lineup and takeoff at the same time (one pair at a time) so your names can be recorded and the winner can be decided out of each pair. upon landing you must lineup for runway 29R. Upon a missed approach commence a go around.
Hope to see you all there.

Gates are as follows:
Boeing 777s
Cargo 41 - 18 = @Captain_Ankit
Cargo 41 - 19 = @AdamTanA350
Cargo 41 - 20 = @iSamPlayzGamez
Cargo 41 - 21 = @VasilyM
Cargo 41 - 22 =
Cargo 41 - 22 =

Airbus A330
Gate E67 = @LX978
Gate E66 = @Isolt_Ilvermorny
Gate E65A = @Captain_Joel
Gate E64 = Harry Hopkins
Gate E62 =


In the name of Swiss VA I join. I will come in a A330.

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great to hear I gave you a gate

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May I have a gate for a 777?Thanks!

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What helps the 10 hours?

I would be coming in 777 from emirates 👍🏻

I don’t understand what you mean

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Surely if you miss approach you’ll execute a missed approach? They are different to go arounds

When I win then I receive 10 hours, which rank am I then?

Sorry, yes all I meant was if you have a missed approach perform a go around and re attemp landing


You will be a D class which is a upgrade from a E class


Hi can I use Cargo 41 - 20 pls for the Boeing 777

Ok great I booked you

One more thing what time is the flight in GMT

GMT is the Same as Zulu

Gate E66 for me ! Proud of this event

I’m in with the Swiss A330

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You guys are now officially signed up

I will be on B777 Emirates

ok ill add you now, hope to see you there