Emirates ends Shortest A380 flight

Emirates has officially ended it’s 45 minute A380 flight between Dubai & Muscat , Oman.

From now on, all three daily flights between the two cities will be operated by the Boeing 777.

Here you can see the last A380 flight operating this route.

For Now :The shortest A380 flight Is also operated by Emirates, From Dubai To Riyadh. The flight Is only 1 hour 30 minutes long.


Good thing I flew this route in IF back in August with the A380!

And for the future, this is probably better suited for FR24 findings


Well what’s the next shortest flight?


I’m guessing it wasn’t very profitable to use such a large aircraft with such a high fuel burn rate on such a short route.

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Probably something else my Emirates 😂

Dubai To Riyadh.

Also operated by Emirates A380.
Which Is only 1 hour 30 minutes long

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You guessed it! DXB-RUH 😉

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Avg flight time for Dubai to Riyadh is 1:35 which is significantly longer than the 30 min flight to Muscat

And you’re really making me want to fly some short A380 flights now

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Still considered a short flight though. :)


Oh yeah definitely. I mean here in the US we have some almost 4 hour regional routes and this whale flying only an hour and a half is pretty crazy


And going from Riyadh to Dubai takes just over an hour!


how do you get the lines to show that u have? I think they are the differenet paths flights take but I can’t find it in FR24

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In the Middle East, There are many airlines who operated large planes on flights that are shorter than 2 hours!

For example, All of Emirates regional flights are operated by B777 & A380

Many Qatar Airways Regional flights are operated by the B777 , A350 & B787.

Kuwait Airways flies the B777 on many short-haul flights as well as Saudia & Etihad with their B777s & B787s

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In order to get those lines, You’ll have to buy the monthly gold subscription. 🙏


Off Topic ||| Look at this for example! 😉 Currently there are 2 QR B777-300ERs flying to Kuwait at the same time. The flight time Is approximately 55 minutes.

And that’s not it ;) QR flies to KWI 9 times a day, most are operated by B777s & A350.


Actually just this morning I was looking for some short flights with big plane because of how interesting they are


I think it was more to increase aircraft utilisation rather than let it sit at DXB under the sun. It was nice when it lasted bu5 eventually, economics comes first.

Twin engines for the win and our future! 🏁


Will miss 4 engine jets. :/ :/ :/ :/

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  • Also To impress, and to keep advertising
    Their A380s. Emirates loves to do such things.