Emirates Economy

What is Emirates economy class like?

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I’m guessing good, because oh boy it’s expensive!

I have heaps of legroom every time when flying with Emirates

Mixed experiences with them. The A380 is very comfortable.

The 10 abreast the 777 is utter hell if you are much over 6ft and have a bigger frame. Avoid the window seat as the seat doesn’t offer much neck room and makes it hard to sleep. The sidewall slopes in rather annoyingly so you can’t even spread your knees that far apart.

The A380s are much better though and I would definitely fly on their A380 service again.


It’s alright, I guess. But, I prefer Singapore or Turkish.

Flew with Emirates Eco on a A380 earlier this year. Was very good but 8 hours was long enough!

Try 12 1/2 hours? New York to Dubai?

Ouch no thanks. If over 10hrs go business.

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Not when you’re traveling with your brother and parents.

It’s amazing. Service is impeccable too. My personal fave economy in any airline


Emirates is expensive?

I hope this a joke…it’s one of the cheapest airlines.

Compare Air France, KLM, Lufthansa, Alitalia, BA with Emirates. Emirates is very cheap.

They are getting money from everywhere, just like Qatar and Etihad. These airlines have no history, just money.

Anyway, they offer good service.


I’ve been on Emirates A380. And I can define thier service. Amazing.

You fly with one of the best airline. IMO

I don’t like any of the ME3’s economy. Cramped and smalls bad

You get a refreshment drink and a Hot towel before push back. Nice IFE named ICE. You have power adapters, good food, nicely coloured seats :)

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the coloured setats when I saw them nearly put me off!! however had a very good experience, was in the front row, lower deck on an A380, Dubai-HK , great flight

A330 and A340 Eco class Sucks, broken IFEs, uncomfortable seats
777-200 Eco Class sucks, bad IFEs
777-300ER Are Good
A380 is the best

That’s all

Very nice! Food is good, very comfortable, The leg room is alright. I went with them a couple months back. On a 777 and A380.

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