Emirates & EasyJet Kick Off - Amsterdam Big Jet Small Runway & Fibromyalgia Awareness Day @ EBBR - 122000ZMAY17 [CLOSED]

Server: Training

Region: Amsterdam, Netherlands

Airport: EBBR - EDLS

Time: 2000Z

NOTAM: Copy EK0001 callsign upon spawning and don’t violate ATC commands during event as small airport landings require good control. If over half the runway before landing initiate go around procedures.

Kick Off
To kick off this multiple part event series (hosted by Emirates VA) we will begin with celebrating the partnership between Emirates and EasyJet and by raising awareness of Fibromyalgia. The theme will be: short landing. We will takeoff at EBBR as a large group and will land at EDLS. After a lot of research the landing airport was selected. The selection of airport involved reviewing controller abilities, runway size, parking capacity, geographical location and aircraft limitations. Therefore, we have taken the time to make this experience the best for you pilots out there. There will be an airshow at the EDLS after landing. Watch professionals perform maneuvers over the airport and tackle very short landings in fighter jets. So come join us and celebrate.

Airbus A319 (EasyJet livery)
Cessna Citation X (Livery 6)



  • Runway 07L or Runway 02 (dependent on wind)
  • VS 2000 climb
  • Speed: 250 kts below 10,000 and 340 kts above 10,000
  • Ceiling height: 15,000 ft
  • After landing park anywhere looking towards the runway

Cargo 02 - Harris_Carvel
Cargo 03 - @WeeWill
Parking 443 - @Milen_Jacob
Parking 442 - @InfinitePilot
Parking 441 - @rohaim_khedr
Parking 433 - @Futuregamer
Parking 432 - @jaier_entel
Parking 431 - @Dan_77
Parking 424 - Manuel_Macedo
Parking 423 - @Narruto_Mieumieu
Parking 422 - jordan2
Parking 421 - @Msl
Parking 307 - harry Hopkins
Parking 354 - linusschneider29
Parking 353 - Insertusernamehere
Parking 352 - Abhishek_Bhattachary
Parking 351 - ChildsH04
Parking 350 - Paulo_Gouveia
Parking 306 - Lucas_Adam
Parking 313 -
Spectator ( other aircraft )
Parking 304 - @Ashar_Hussain
Parking 305 - rosyplays



Sounds great!!! Can’t wait!

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For a split second, I thought this was going to be another news article about a flight incident lol. Best of luck! (Idk if I’ll be available, we’ll see ;) )

I’ll join u guys…

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I added you to the gate list

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Cool , I’ll join . Assign me a gate please

I added you to a gate

IFTSATC will be ATC for this event.


Can I get a gate please

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I am coming for sure :)

Can i have a gate pls

Suppose I should sign up too

All of you have gates now, happy to see your coming

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@Harris_Carvel Can i have a Gate boss?

Is there any other free plane we can use? If so could I please me notified and assigned a gate?

You can always com and spectate, I will put you on the list to allow in the small airport as there will be a limit to the number of people that can fit there. Come in the 737 if you want it is small and permitted to land there.

Does that sound good, I gave you a gate

Assign me a gate please!!

Your booked, hello tomorrow