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So since there’s a lot of flights cancelled it’s hard to find flight info. If someone could tell me where to get info for an A380 flight from KIAD - OMDB that would be great thank you.

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flightmappernet is very useful as it shows flights in the past.

For FPL’s fpltoif.com is very useful!

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In flightaware is the real route and useful information, I do not recommend using fpltoif because it gives fake plans

Another great website you can use is flightsfrom.com

Super handy and you can see hundreds of destinations from a single airport all over the world. It tells you the estimated flight time and if you click on your destination it will give you the flights and flight numbers.


The Best Places To Find A Flight

This might help 🙂.

I just did this flight. Any more details needed don’t fret to contact me! 😅

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