Emirates confirms order for 50 A350s, cancels A330neo order

Emirates has increased their order and confirmed that they are ordering 50 A350-900s

This article is interesting, it outlines the possible uses for the aircraft, either expanding existing markets or creating new, longer routes.

What do you think? Do you think the A350 is well suited for Emirates? Where do you reckon it will be deployed?

EDIT: It appears that they cancelled their A330neo order:


Oh yes. Good Job. Airbus > Boeing.

Imagine A350 Emirates First Class 🤤


I feel like Emirates just made this order to maintain their healthy relationship with Airbus.


Really glad that Emirates ordered the A350!

Although I think the A350-1000 will suit their needs better…

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Looks like they’ve cancelled their orders for the 330 neo in favour of the 350.

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It is no secret that i am absolutely not a fan of Emirates but i have to say the livery looks really nice on the A350! And i am sure the A350 will be perfect for them, they really had to stop flying with the A380 to every airport even if it was just to flood the market with seats and at the same time so many routes where just not profitable with the 380. So i think its a good decision, together with the 330neo the 350 will help Emirates to earn more money and also open new routes and fly to even more destinations.


Emirates Press Release: https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/emirates-announces-us-16-billion-order-for-50-a350-xwbs-at-dubai-airshow/

Most notably,

This purchase agreement replaces the heads of agreement signed in February where Emirates announced its intent to purchase 30 A350s and 40 A330Neos.

A330neos seem to be cancelled.


I can’t believe they’re beginning deliveries in 2023.

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That livery is gonna look amazing in the A350, can’t wait to see it!

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I feel like the livery will fit the aircraft pretty good as the A350 is one of my favorite plane

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not sure why these news are hyped about this much. These orders are a long time away from reality and often get cancelled or changed or even reordered. They already once did order 350s and 787s and cancelled the orders again, just a question about time until these get cancelled and re ordered

More press = more brand recognition = profit

This news isn’t that good, it’s gone from a diverse order of 70 aircraft to the A330neo being cancelled and them ordering ten more A350’s. I would have loved to see them operate the A330neo once again which is a shame to say the least. I’m confused as to what they cancelled the A359 to begin with now they have again selected it as the primary aircraft, at least with the previous order it made sense with the A330neo being the primary aircraft and the one to be delivered a few years earlier…

(Twenty more A350s, not 10).

And, I might be wrong on this, but they cancelled the original order in 2018? When the A380 program wasn’t cancelled? So I’m assuming these A350s will replace the A380s along with Emirates’ other aircraft.

Yes that’s correct, my bad.

Well I assume this all came about to rid them off the additional A380 orders. Why they cancelled the A350 to begin with was because they ordered the B787 instead if I remember correctly. It seems Emirates can’t ever make their mind up

No they wont, they cancelled the the initial A330neo order and bumped up the A350 order from 30 aircraft to 50 aircraft. They arent cancelling their A380 order and they wont replace it for a while.

From the looks of things the Neo is being cancelled to potentially order the B787. This would only make sense if Boeing offer large discounts which they have done many a time to ensure they win the orders. Negotiations for 40 aircraft or so is still ongoing it seems

Can’t wait to fly these in IF!

It’s toooo farrrrr lol

A new potential Emirates plane in IF? Cool.

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