Emirates CEO says "A380 is over"

Emirates CEO Tim Clark has said that the Airbus A380 is over. The comments came today from the boss of the world’s largest Airbus A380 customer as the industry experiences its worst crisis in history.

Across the industry, we’ve seen a general move from larger, less-efficient four-engined aircraft to smaller twinjets. The smaller aircraft are easier to fill and burn less fuel than their larger cousins. A real win-win. Clark echoed this sentiment, saying:

“The A350 and the 787 will always have a place. They may not be ordered soon, they may have orders deferred and pushed back, but eventually they will come back, and they will be a better fit probably for global demand in the years post the pandemic.”*

What is next for Emirates?

At the Dubai Airshow, the UAE flag carrier signed a deal for 50 Airbus A350 aircraft and separately for 30 Boeing 787-9s. In conjunction with other emirates orders, these could be used to replace part of the A380 fleet. The airline is not expecting to receive its first A350 and Boeing 787-9 aircraft until 2023. Emirates has eight Airbus A380s still to be delivered.

Source https://simpleflying.com/emirates-a380-is-over/


These are converted 777x orders

never knew a song would be a title of this topic
can’t wait for the a350 emirates airline

@CapA no no no, they converted some 777x orders to 787-9s, sorry if it wasn’t clear enough

Finally. So ugly. And this proves again that nothing can defeat the mighty Boeing 747!


Boeing never delivered a single 747F this year, Airbus pulled the plug on the A380, so yeah, that’s it for their passenger careers. It’s time to see if Airbus and other OEM could come up with creative methods to convert the A380 into freighters to serve in the long run like the 747s.

To the op: Technically he said that both the A380 and 747 are over ;)


This is great. Finally the flying forehead/whale is getting phased out.


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Fact and fact again!


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