Emirates CEO asks Airbus for A380 successor

Emirates CEO asks Airbus for A380 successor

In a recent interview, the CEO of Emirates called for Airbus to think about a successor for the Airbus A380. With over 118 of these superjumbos in its fleet, Emirates is by far the largest operator of the type.

The problem, Clark says, is that the currently available airplanes on the market might not be large enough to pick up the increased demand in traveling which is expected over the next decades.

The Airbus A380 is no longer being built and it is expected that the models still flying may only be in service until around the mid or late 2030s. At the same time, international airports are not being expanded to handle more movements with smaller aircraft such as the Boeing 777X or the A350-1000.

The Emirates CEO says there is a need for a way to transport more passengers with fewer flights. In his view, this requires a successor to the Airbus A380: larger, more economical, and more sustainable.

If you can get them to do what I think they could do in terms of fuel efficiency and power, then you have the makings of an airplane that would match or beat the economics of the [twin-engine aircraft] that we see today, by quite a long way,” Clark said in his interview with CNN.

Of course, the question is whether such an aircraft will ever be built. But it cannot be ruled out. We can be excited, as we are about so many things in the future of civil aviation.


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The idea of a successor made a monstrosity in my mind… An A380-900neo with curved wingtips like the A330-900neo. This would include a slightly longer fuselage as well, 16 wheels on each set of landing gear instead of 12 wheels and much stronger nose wheel. Knowing Emirates they would probably also want a third floor. I hope if it happens it is far prettier than my initial thought…


Imagine what an A380 successor would look like 😯

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That looks about right


4 engines are no longer the way sadly. They might have to think of a double decker aircraft which can fly on 2 engines, sounds ambitious, but alectric planes are now becoming a thing so who knows


It’s all a question about sustainability. If you manage to build a four-engine airplane that runs more efficient and more sustainable than today’s two-engine jets, then that’s definitely an option. It requires new technology though. But we’ll get there. Engines are becoming more efficient and more sustainable year after year. Lots of progress is being made there.


I agree with you. NEO and MAX are a great piece of engineering that’s for sure. To be honest some airlines are wanting Boeing to start making a newer version of the B757. This isn’t a surprise though to how popular that aircraft is for airlines

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The BAe-146 is a perfect example of this: a twin-engined aircraft would have been the obvious choice, however, at the time, there wasn’t an engine efficient enough at the required power range. The option for a trijet was quickly discarded, as it would require extensive redesign of the aft fuselage, so they went with four (at the time) very efficient engines.

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close enough

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bro said give me that custom order only


Just wait… before you know it, we’ll be slapping wings onto cruise ships and calling them planes.

If it wasn’t for Emirates, the A380 program would’ve been a fail. Personally, I don’t think we will see a successor for a while. Who knows what may happen.

At that point in time, Emirates could be a flying hotel… Oh wait it is!


I have just been on Airbus factory tour in Toulouse last week. The tour guide person told us there aren’t any plans for any A380 production. Problem is it’s “Emirates” vs other customers who haven’t shown any interest in A380. it’s not feasible. Hangars that were used to assemble A380s are being converted to handle the final assembly line of A231XLR.

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Wow he even got the whole APA format in the sourcing

Interesting news



The A380plus was 2017 a big topic for airbus to make the A380 more attractive…

● Further increasing A380 efficiency and economics

● Maintaining A380 unique comfort level

● New large winglets to provide up to 4 % fuel burn savings

● 13% cost reduction per seat versus current A380

Airbus presents the A380plus


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