Emirates Cancels A330NEO.

Middle Eastern carrier Emirates appears to have revised its Airbus long-haul order, committing to 50 Airbus A350s – up from the previous 30 – but not mentioning the earlier A330neo agreement.

Emirates had tentatively opted for 30 A350-900s and 40 A330-900s earlier this year in a rejig of its long-haul strategy as Airbus cancelled its A380 programme, for which Emirates had been the primary customer.

But the revision unveiled at the Dubai air show makes no mention of the 40 A330neos. Emirates says the new purchase deal “replaces” its previous declaration of intent.

Conclusion :
Unfortunately, It Is safe to say that Emirates has dropped all plans to operate the A330NEO.

Source : https://www.flightglobal.com/news/articles/dubai-emirates-lifts-a350-orders-but-cuts-out-a330n-462348/


No surprise here, they are going for the A350 instead of the 330NEO. Honestly good choice to fit their needs!


Agreed. So excited to see the A350 at their disposal. Really hope it can help them out, especially with the A380 hitting the tank.


Yea, its just better for them honestly. As you said, the A380, is just way to much money

I always thought the A330NEO was a weird order on Emirates side… didn’t seem like the appropriate decision, considering that they just ordered the A350 at that time as well.


I am not the biggest fan of the A330. Mostly because it seems really out of place in Airbus’ lineup of aircraft. Just the design I find weird. However, I am glad to see that what they have done instead with the A350s. Really excited to see them in the future.

That’s kind of unfortunate the A330NEO was dumped but the A350 suits Emirates fleet model better.

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Not out of place at all it’s as fuel efficient as the A350 the A330 is way more trusted right then the A350 because its been around for way longer it’s pretty much the same just with better engines and more aero dynamic wing tips.

Raise your hand if your surprised after they ordered the A350? 🤔

no one


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