Emirates Boeing 777-200LR Arsenal Livery 2017


Redesigned for season 17-18

Any Emirates plane looks good, and I think the Arsenal FC logo adds a nice touch to the plane. I would love to see more Emirates aircraft with special liveries in Infinite Flight.


Would be nice to see this livery with a 777 rework.

As I’m a Gooner, I voted. I live near the Emirates Stadium

Or even this one

Source https://www.emirates.com/media-centre/emirates-unveils-arsenal-branded-plane-ahead-of-teams-pre-season-trip-to-singapore-to-be-distributed-in-15-minutes

Santi Cazorla (left) Olivier Giroud (center) Mesut Ozil (right)

I’m guessing your autocorrect kicked in because you mistyped Santi Cazorla

Yep. I fixed it though

The plane is a brilliant representation on arsenal fc… because both won’t be winning any awards

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Lol you just made my day 😂, I think the only trophy Arsenal has won in the past ten years was the 2014 FA Cup.

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Arsenal won the 2016-2017 FA Cup

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Oh yea I forgot about that, still it’s only 2

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Different Liveries

I asked for ‘Different Liveries’ but it didn’t go down too well…

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Surprised the plane hasn’t got Wenger out written all over it.

It’s all right. Votes are limited though.