Emirates Boeing 777-200ER

Would love to see this on Infinite Flight
Picture isn’t mine, Credits to Gábor
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  • Yes, I would like to see this on Infinite Flight
  • Nah, I don’t like it

Although the Emirates livery is beautiful, I think it’s enough if only have one Emirates B777 livery in the sim.

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Isn’t this B777-200LR…

Nope, it doesn’t have raked wingtips.

This would be a great addition if Emirates isn’t added on the LR. and @Aviationluver, there are going to be 2 KLM liveries on the 777

Yup though my fingers are crossed in case EK livery will be included on -LR. I want both of them actually :p

Never know that Emirates used -200ERs … are they retired now ?

They don’t have 200ER I think only 200LR

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They’re retired now, but it would still be cool to see.

and you bumped a 4 year old topic to ask that question…?

To answer your question, They operated them in the 2000’s into the mid 2010’s.

They actually had 777-200ER but with this livery:



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Might as well have both lmao

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Why did they retire it ? It’s still a good aircraft …

Probably of the plane being old

It’s not that old. A lot of major carriers around the globe still operate it…

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Why refurbish a 20 year old aircraft, when you can take on a brand new 380 or a 77W? I think that’d have been the question when they took the decision to retire the series :)

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Plus, fuel efficiency, reliability, maintenance costs, that kinda thing.