Emirates Banned Women Travelling To Tunisia

Main Story On The Travel Ban:

  • It was said, on Christmas Eve, 12:39PM 2017, UAE (United Arab Emirates) will BAN all women travelling to the North African Country, Tunisia! The effect would take place on Christmas Day and the response to women travelling is PISSED OFF. Tis triggered confusion and outrage at Tunis Airport and on the media! I mean, terrorist attacks can happen anywhere from anyone, so why ban women…There was no response into WHY the travel ban was placed on specifically women and sparked alot of conflict with the Tunisian Authorities. UAE Minister of State for Foreign Affairs Anwar Gargash, had first suggested on Sunday that the airline’s initial decision to temporarily ban female passengers from boarding Emirates flights was a security measure… The UAE Minister also wrote “We respect Tunisian women, value their pioneering experience and consider them a safety valve,” Gargash wrote. “Together, let’s avoid attempts of misinterpretation.” . This has sparked conflict with Tunisian Officials and their response was to quote on quote: Suspend ALL UAE flights going to and from Tunisia. In response, UAE were forced to close down services to North Africa and do not regret their decision. Tunisia is demanding an apology from UAE to further work in business. This is said by Emirates to as well ban all flights to Dubai from Tunis Airport. It was said the women were banned because most Tunisian Women were coming out of Syria and Iraq and UAE Officials were feared of a terrorist attack either involving Tunisian Women or Women who hold Tunisian Passports. - This has sparked all out outrage from Tunisian Women
Tunisian Women Affected:

Currently as we know, women affected is a huge question, even for UAE itself. It is also said children as young as 2, will be not allowed to board. Doesn’t matter anyway since, all service flights from Dubai to Tunisia are suspended.

My response to this crisis: All out stupid. Even from both sides. You have UAE suspending women off Emirates Flights for “Security Protocol of Terrorist Attacks”… I mean, that’s seriously not a specific enough reason to release to the public… Also, because this was taking place on christmas, Tunisian Officials just decide to suspend ALL UAE Flights coming in to the country because Women were suspended… … A more professional way the government could handle this would be either a peaceful meeting or demanding for a response… If the outcome would be that they did not respond, then maybe its ok… but that wasn’t right in my opinion. What a Merry Christmas and a Ho Ho Ho to all the Tunisian civilians trapped in Dubai… I do not agree with this movement but it is a movement that will not be all fixed. I can see where UAE took security measures but what happen to their rights. Tunisian women are being taken away their travel rights because of their ethnicity.I don’t like the movement but I have a feeling UAE won’t remove it. **


This is a joke about CNN and If it concerns some people who follow CNN I will take this down

Articles Proving This Thread Isn’t Fake News (Sorry CNN) :

More Information That Relate to UAE:
Tunisia said on Sunday it had suspended Emirates Airlines flights after a public outcry over security measures in the United Arab Emirates targeting women from the North African country.The transport ministry said it had “decided to suspend” Emirates flights to Tunis "until the airline is able to find the appropriate solution to operate its flights in accordance with international law and agreements."A number of Tunisian women had said their travel to the Gulf state on UAE airlines had been delayed and some had to undergo additional examination of their visas.The UAE said “security information” had prompted the delays.The access to the Skype App is blocked since it is providing unlicensed Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) Service, which falls under the classification of prohibited contents as per the United Arab Emirates’ Regulatory Framework meaning… UAE is banning Skype as well…


You’ve said tht right. Pretty stupid.


Your title is too misleading. My aunt flew from Dubai to Nairobi on Christmas Eve without any problem. Yes, Nairobi is in Africa.


IMO, this was unwise for the UAE to ban a specific gender which amounts to discrimination. By suspending EK’s operations, Tunisia has something to lose since Emirates connects Tunisia to the world so they would lose a few tourists and business travellers.

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But why though? 😕 …

Not really, Qatar Airways has daily service to Tunis with equally good route map and service. I’m thinking QR will probably gobble up most of the traffic EK was receiving on this route following the announcement.

@Air_New_Zealand08 Quote CNN "Speaking Tuesday, Tunisian presidential spokeswoman Saida Garrach said the UAE had “voiced fear that an attack will probably be committed by Tunisian women or women with Tunisian passports.”


As Ahmed mentioned, Emirates are fearing a terrorist attack since Tunisian women coming out of Syria and Iraq are starting to travel on commercial airlines. Seriously doesn’t make sense since a terrorist attack can happen on any airline

I honestly see Emirates less of a corporation more of a state run entity for political influence.

I’m not sure the political situation between UAE and Tunisia though so can’t really comment on that. But the ban does seem a bit ridiculous.

I found some articles though not sure how biased to each side they are.

I think it is just both sides taking digs at each other.


Well when the guy running the airline is the uncle to the ruler of Dubai, it is bound to get political.


Yeah it’s also owned by the city


I actually thought this was some joke or something for a couple of seconds. I didn’t believe one bit of it

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Ya the title of the thread can sound a bit fake, until you look deeper!

Emirates flights to Tunisia have been resumed and the ban has been lifted.

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This is just downright stupid. I know Tunisia has some issues considering it’s goverment, anyways.

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The reason they did it is the tensions and because there is a high likelihood hood of illegal behaviour towards women who go there. My dads friend who is a flight attendant has been flying there recently and they get taken by armoured police to the hotel and get guarded the whole time there in the country.

I rate Dubai for this. Who knows what might be going on behind the doors of politics

I don’t care who made this new ban up but it is the most sexist thing I have ever seen.

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