Emirates B77L Engine Start Up

With engine startup basically confirmed, I thought I would show this video which shows off the true sound for engine startups. Hopefully we’ll have similar sounds in IF!

Check out the vid, its pretty neat!


Nice video👌🏼!

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That awesome video! I love GE90 engine .


Love how you can hear the hum of the compressed air from the APU spooling up the turbine as it hit 20% N1 and fuel being introduced.


That sound always gets me. OMG.

What a beautiful aircraft!

And at what part do you hear that?

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Engine start is usually performed during push back. Unless you’re in a 777-300 with a small tug in which case the ground crew will often ask you to delay start until the push back is complete as the idle thrust is more than some tugs can handle!

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What time sexton in the video are you refering to?

Sorry, wasn’t referring to the video, I haven’t watched it, just to start procedures in general.

And like this if you’d like the sounds (hopefully they will come anyway)


I have a video of the a320 engine shutdown from inside the cabin

Nice video!

That brings me memories of when i was onboard the emirates 777L on seat 10A (window on the wing)

when your earphones are on high volume…

Sounds like a real beast.

How does the air traffic controller on the ground there know when the pilots are ready to taxi? Doesn’t look like he has a mouth peice or anything special with that headset to communicate with the pilots…


I think that’s your average everyday ramp worker waving around cones. :]

Yea, the air traffic controllers

Sorry, been at work all day. At time mark 40-58 second mark, that low down hum is the compressed air from APU spooling up the turbine. Once the turbine reached a certin RPM fuel in introduced and the igniters lit ether fuel. You can hear that at the 55 second mark.

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